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Attended Ahmadiyya Secondary School Kissy Dockyards between 1971 -1975 and 1979 - 1981. Worked at the Sierra Leone Daily Mail between 1983 - 1985 as a freelance artist and cartoonist. With great encouragement from then editor ARIKA AWUTA-COKER, who paid me per sketch, rather than a monthly salary (Thanks a lot, Sir) writing and sketching the non-political yet funny strips MOPEH and MUSU..Between June and August 1985 illustrated and produced 3 comic books titled THE KRAWO under the pen name ELMOODY JOE KAMMOH. (Famous Moment #1)The first edition of The Krawo was made into a very short radio-play by the BBC FOCUS on AFRICA, with my friend and sponsor SAM BANGURA and journalist Davies fielding and answering questions... Taught general arts subjects at Ansarul Secondary School, Guard Street between those years. With a push and shove from my late cousin A.K. Fullah, who arrived back in Sierra Leone from L.A. secured a six-year scholarship to study cartography (but I opted for) industrial design at MADI in Moscow. Dropped out of course after 4 gruelling years... ( Famous Moment # 2)...Randomly selected with other talented bus drivers to feature on ROLF HARRIS's BBC2 2001 MONET SEASON..(Famous Moments # 3) Uploading photos of my wanderlust in Sierra Leone to the world on Moments #4) Featuring me and my (rather quirky, but effective) fundraising efforts in my local papers The News and Barking and Dagenham THE POST...I, like anyone reading this, have had sweet, bitter and regrettable moments that i care not to dwell upon, because you only stop riding on the crest of life when you pull in your last breath ... I have met (in passing) a lot of famous and so-called powerful personalities, but wasn't star-stuck or impressed by any of them. So no autographs! I am married to Messie Ngegbai, eldest child of R.I.P. Amara Young Ngegbai and still surviving Ann-Marie (SINJO)Ngegbai. We have children.. I MAY have political ambitions for the future. I know it won't ever happen because to get to the top of the 1 million steps of Sierra Leone political life you'd have started the climb from the first step (no lifts)! When we become Oil-Rich and if I ever become president, every adult in SL will have their own property regardless..And those that already do have property will get some compensation..etc. Because in my opinion that is the main engine that is driving corruption in urban SL...How much corrupt practices takes place in a village setting? Virtually none... I AM NOT A RELIGIOUS person, but was brought up in the muslim tradition...Message to the world out there... Am hoping to collect millions of used drinks cans to recycle ( for pennies) inorder to rehabilitate the moonscaped (motorable) road to my ancestral village of BAOMA and beyond in Bonthe District. Thank you all...

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this photo is the office of the Vice President.

Yes, it's a banana island. As guessed?:)

...The football pitch in the foreground has been invaded by the "Lettie" grasses... A very hardy species of plant that spreads deep roots into our, rather clayey soil types and very hard to weed out or get rid of...The blades of the said grass are very sharp indeed and young plant grows out of the soil in very sharp spikes...Nevertheless, villager do their utmost to grow their rice and other crops on these fertile wetlands...

...The Mende semi-nation into where I was born are the most egalitarian at the rural everyone is deemed to be the son or daughter of the Chief...Wife beating, cursing and civil fighting is totally forbidden and would incur a heavy fine on rule breakers...In the days of yore, folks were cursed and exiled for continually breaking the rules..Also, in contrast to Western beliefs, girls are not circumcised in a manner as to minimise their libido. As a matter of fact, it gives them a rather voracious longing for their husbands...There is now an ongoing campaign to stop the circumcision rituals, which I do support...But a great deal remains to be done in ways of ameliorating the standing biases, stigma and other things towards uninitiated grown up females in rural Mende lands...Western education and the penchant for large town living is also steadily chipping away at certain Mende cultural practices - because of cost cutting and perception...

...It used to carry such a nickname because of overcrowding of tenants in such a single compound...

Wrote in the email you post.

Thanks, but sometimes the Google location camera-pointer doesn't work or save. I was born only about 15 miles away from Mattru and went to primary school there and used to stroll along that self-same jetty. What I mean sir, I won't miss that location for all am worth. Thank you once again for the viewing and comments

ωραια αγορα φιλια απο [greece]

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