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This is where I l post photos of parts of the UK,mainly of the East Midlands of England where I live and work.There are some historic and occasionally important structures. In amongst the Churches, pubs, other interesting buildings and landscapes for GE there is the occasional different photograph. Others can be found at.... ♫Russ Hamer on flickr... I have a flooring shop in Derby... Carpet Square... you are welcome to visit. In fact you could run it whilst I go out and take advantage of the light I am missing stuck there!!!

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Taken in Westfields by my good lady Penny (knock knock knock Penny). A large scale model of a Rolls-Royce Trent Engine made with lego parts.

Beautiful shot!

I like it

Best wishes from china, zw22wz

Very colourful Russ and if you had told me there is a place in Derbyshire called Id-Ridge-Hay I wouldn't have believed you!

Nice one - Jethro


Yesterday I saw on TV the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

It was a great show of lights.

Set design is very spectacular... such as this one night shot.


Warm greetings.Corrado

Hi Farmersboy There are more than 20 cast Iron crosses at Ashby Magna and a few at Froleswoth. Cheers Bob

Hmmmmmm.... I have some mystery pictures from the last century that these remind me of very much Russ

Looking at the map they could even be from around here, as they were taken between the Pyrenees and the Med.

Nice set of pictures - Jethro

Sniff.... yes its a sad story Russ all right. Too often repeated these days. Thanks for the update.


This lovely and immaculate Hofner guitar for sale. Get back to me here very soon if you'de like to own this almost untouched guitar.

There were thoughts to remove this and place it elsewhere replacing it with the War Memorial, (which also forms a cross), which is at present nearby. The plans have been shelved as of July 2012. The "cross" in this photo is not stone, but concrete, and was found in the 1950's buried in a garden nearby before being erected here. Concrete has, however, been around a goodly while so it might be old! The area is called "The Cross". But that term was used around road crossings. This edifice does not appear in turn of the century photos. It could have been buried to hide it in the reformation. Are you an expert, if so please visit and comment. July 2012.

Lovely place. Buddhists run a school and meditation center here. When I say "run"...



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