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Nice photo that brings back almost 50 year old memories (November 1968) I was there the night the brave kid floated down the river and planted the charges that blew up the bridge. (his body was retrieved the next day as it floated down river. Whether he was still alive or not he was shot by an m-60 as he came to the surface at the down river mine net). As a medic on a mobile advisory team, I treated several of the Americans that were wounded by flying concrete. The several that died (I can't remember if it was 2 or 3) were sleeping in the tank that went to the bottom of the river when the bridge collapsed. I remember the marvel of the pontoon bridge being build in what seemed like hours but was probably a day as the pontoons were dropped into the river from chinooks and the engineer company that appeared out of almost no where went to work connecting the parts. My time in country was up the next week.

I was stationed there in 1968.They are troposcatter antennas,the larger one went to Greenhill,Thailand and the smaller one went to Pleiku

I flew 223 hours/20 missions in 42 days on this and other EC121D aircraft out of Korat RTAFB, Thailand which were configured for the first-ever RIVET GYM special intelligence/radar interoperability missions in northern Laos and upper Tonkin Gulf. Our goal: kill MiGs and keep US aircraft out of China. The Gulf missions often required a 20 hour flying day. We flew from Korat over Xepon, Laos over Da nang and headed north to our orbit over the Gulf SE of Haiphong. Then returned to DaNang, to have lunch and refuel. Temps inside the aircraft on the tarmac rose to about 140 degrees F, and were about zero degrees at orbit altitude. After refueling we returned to station off Haiphong for the Alpha Night Strike, then returned to Korat via way points at Da Nang and Xepon and Ubon. The Laos missions were much shorter duration. All in all it was very successfull mission, as can be seen in later applications in the E-3A AWACS systems which followed. We took very intense AAA around Xepon, and were chased out of Laos by MiGs on one occasion making it to the Mekong "fence" before they got to us. - My main job was Senior Director, Combat Crew Charlie, at the TACC-North Sector, 7 NM northeast of Da Nang AB atop Monkey Mountain. That was the Battle Staff for Rolling Thunder, Barrel Roll air ops in North Vietnam and Laos. 1 June 1967 - 1 June 1968 Contact me at Willi Pete

Khúc sông Hà Ra đẹp !


Dear MCB9Mac, The location on the map is right (Gia Vuc Airfield) but the name of the picture is wrong, the name should be "Gia Vuc Airfield" - According to your video i've recognized you were building the Minh Long Airfield not Gia Vuc Airfield. But the Picture on this page with title "Minh Long Airfield - Quảng Ngãi 1960's" ...The picture should be renamed "Gia Vuc Airfield"


...Đại lộ - Thống Nhất ( Ngày Xửa Ngày Xưa ), Đại lộ - Lê Duẩn ( Ngày Nảy Ngày Nay )...:))

Đây không biết có phải là cầu Hùng Vương bây giờ không. Xưa là cầu Đài chiên sỹ.

Hình như đây là Ngã tư "Quốc tế". Đinh Bộ Lĩnh-Trịnh Hoài Đức



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