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I am an American artist living and working in Charleston, West Virginia. I do graphic design, illustration, photography and desktop and web application programming. I've taught at Bell University in the People's Republic of China, met all of The Donnas, cooked dinner for Jimmy Swaggart and taken Bill Cosby's photo. So life is pretty good. I enjoy taking photos of this big beautiful world around us, and if you would like to see images that aren't ones you would find in Google Earth, head over to my web site at: Peace and love. -Sean

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Don, there's not a great deal of snow right now; however, it is the first year in at least a decade that we have had white on the ground for weeks at a time. It much more like the winters of my youth than of recent years. Global warming has killed the snow (which isn't all bad) but it's also killed the brilliant fall colors which is very bad! So let's hope this is a sign things can be normal again.

They come from all over to use this track so I guess some people are still into it. Which is totally cool. Don, do we blame the kids or the parents for not getting them interested? I don't know... i was lucky, my folks got me into all kinds of stuff... one thing that is gone is the old Union Carbide Summer Camp. I had great fun there... wish it was still around for kids.

This is an odd selection for GE, since it's a machine, and not much scenery. I'm glad it made it though. It's a 26lbs US rocket, built by a good friend of mine, see the car battery in there for size reference. It's peak altitude was probably 1000-1200 feet. We routinely hit over a mile in alt. with smaller rockets though and our FAA waiver is to 10,000MSL, which is about 9400' above ground level. We haven't broken that yet. :^)

It is paradise! We were having great fun too! It was well over 100 degrees F this day, so that may or may not suit you, but I was loving this day. And the Mexican jalapeno chips were the best I've had. This is a great place to vacation... I want to go back again soon.

That's a really nice shot.

Hey Wolf, this is not far from my place... used to play little league here and fly model rockets when i was a kid before they bulldozed it for the campus... anyway, just figured out how to fav people and I added you to my favs! Keep clickin!

Great colors! That park is a great place for summer picnics and exercise.

I hadn't received an email that you had new photos, yet. I'm glad I'm one of the first to see the new shots. Keep 'em comin'!


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