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'At this point, the wisest of the Athenians looked upon Solon as being the only one clear of sins neither associated with the rich in committing injustice nor having the needs of the poor, entreated him to walk into the public life and put an end to the differences..... It is said that words of his were going around earlier saying that equality does not breed war was liked by both the property owners and the indigents. The former were expecting equality based on wealth and excellence, the latter on measures and numbers......Some also say that this Pythian oracled was given to Solon Go amidst the ships to take the responsibility of the government. Many in Athens will be your assistants.' From Plutarch's Lives. Solon.

'It is true the Athenians are very vindictive and very ungrateful. They have banished Themistocles and caused Miltiades to die in prison, though that celebrated hero, after gaining the battle of Marathon, asked no other reward than a crown of laurel. What! and he did not receive it? cried I, No, replied our host, one Socchanes rose up in the assembly and said, When Miltiades conquers alone let him be honoured alone.' From The Travels of Antenor in Greece and Asia.

'"I am going to Areopagos. You know Cleanthes the stoic philosopher? He is summoned there and is to put his defence." "Is is possible?" said I (Antenor). "Of what such great and so learned man can be accused?" "Of being born poor" replied Lasthenia. "He arrived in Athens with only four drachmas and as the Athenians contend that an indigent man, who is destitute of everything must be everyone's enemy, we have a law, obliging every one to declare his mean of subsistence".' From The Travels of Antenor. Accusation and Trial of Philosopher Cleanthes.

Very well done. YSL Interesting persepctive, great colors.

Γειά σου Σταθάκη!

Η θέα που εμπνέει τον Π.Μ. !

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