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It's a Spitifire V trop. First, the Hurricane wings aren't thin like these Second at top of wing, there is a bubble who only spitifire have. That bubble is needed to positioning the 20mm cannon. Third the Hurry have two 20mm cannon ( Hurricane II ) or four 7/7 machines guns in each wing! The exaust pip don't means nothing, Spit Mk I-II and V have these pips too They are the same of Hurry, Don't forget that Spits and hurries used the same engines: Rolls Royce Merlin! in some versions! The hurry have the XX , Spit V have the 45 After the MkV the exaust pip became six with merlin 65! The latest version of Spits (21-22 ) used Rolls Royce Griffon! I Hope is enougth!

myezplan.com Says: Fantastic Artwork !

Hi Helmut, thank you for your appreciation. The image is a composition of various frames taken with a Magzero MZ-5 camera, coupled to a 80 mm f/7.5 telescope and equipped with a Baader Ca-K filter.

A gorgeous photography of this lovely sun!!!, breathtaking capture!!

Magnificent sunspots!!!


Greetings and my best wishes from Lower Rhine!!!

Another excellent foto, Davide!

Like and Favorite!

Kind regards from the Lower Rhine, Helmut

Fantastic shot, beautiful sun and transit of venus. Excellent quality, Davide!

Like and Favorite!

Kind regards from the Lower Rhine, Helmut

Nice photo, not the best known aircraft in history. ~Leszek

Lovely and poigniant photo.. Abandon in Place.. Apollo 1 deserves a better epitaph...

Beautiful technology & photo.. Great pictures..~Leszek


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