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Went to ISU in the late '60s and my first assignment was Graveley Hall and a room on the inner court. Claustrophobia immediately set in! I had met BIG RED at the airport and he was in Colonial Hall. Visiting him, he said there was one opening and suggested we should move me in and that we did. The housing office wasn't happy about our method but they OKed it. I had 3 different rooms between the two floors in my time at Colonial.

The washrooms had no sinks or showers, just commodes and those old barroom urinals, where the flush water ran continuously and over flowed if something bocked the drain. The sinks were in our rooms, so when one of our comrades taking microbiology did a culture on our doorknobs, he said it was very, very interesting! The shower was in the basement. Apparently, Colonial had been a women's dormitory in the beginning.

The shower room was essentially a tiled room divided by one shower curtain, with 4 or 5 shower heads on one side and towel hooks with a bench on the other. We often turned it into a "steam bath" and in the process warped the hell out of the door and the window, and peeled the paint on the ceiling. Rumor had the sororities sending their pledges to check us out in the shower while some of us hid outside amongst our cars, asking them if they wanted a date with the guy in the shower, but as far as I know, it was just rumor. One time, one of my comrades, GOULASH FRANCO, heisted my towel and room key, leaving me with only my shower togs and my naked butt. With my bellows being ignored by anybody left in the dorm, I finally wrapped that scroungy 12 foot shower curtain around my torso and proceeded up the only staircase, with a glass wall facing our parking and rear exit, yelling about GOULASH FRANCO. One of my dorm mates (from Nevada?) was in our parking lot with his date that cold winter night, said I might have looked like "JC", with my long hair and Ho Chi Minh beard, but the expressions on my face and from the best they could read my lips, I definitely didn't "sound" like him. Very, very true!

We were often told by housing when we requested things that other dorms had, we wouldn't get it because they were thinking of tearing Colonial Hall down. Nothing like planning for the very distance future! The dorm had one phone line with an extension for the other floor. Definitely not a phone booth, Superman would have had a problem changing into his garb unseen, our input was amplified by all the hard surfaces of our hallways and had all of the privacy of a smoke signal. Connection was only guaranteed when someone grew tired of hearing the phone ring. Our bed springs were so worn out, we were given thick sheets of plywood between the mattress and the springs to keep our butts off the floor. So, when we could sneak a girl into our room, some of us called it "wood working", given the sound of the plywood grating on the springs and the resulting sawdust. There was that crack that ran down the hallways floor, apparently, it was from an earlier earthquake. When we often had a few brews too many, we would wish our comrades on the other side of the hallway, a good time in Salt Lake City or a good time in Yellowstone if we had another earthquake before morning. We weren't allowed those small refrigerators, they said our electrical system couldn't handle it. But one could run cold water in our room sinks to cool our refreshments, one guy even cooled his beer cans in the commodes flush tanks. Where there's a will, there's a way!

When the weather was warm, we would often ascend the fire escape ladder to the roof, one hand on the ladder and one hand on both the ladder and your liquid "refreshment", in the attempt to get a suntan. When it often turned into a bad sunburn, I may have made my one contribution to Idaho culture, using Milk of Magnesia directly on the sunburn overnight to sooth the pain and prevent blistering. During deer hunting season, JERSEY BILL would bleach the shower floor, dress his deer and then cure his beef jerky along the dorm staircase. Colonial's assigned cafeteria was the Own-Redfieldl complex, the furthest of any dorm. It was nice in good weather and funny in bad.

While I knew Colonial was the oldest dorm at ISU, I didn't know how old until now. If her walls could talk, I'm sure I would hear NACHO, BIG RED, RADICAL, JOSE, PHILLY JERRY, JERSEY BILL, GOULASH FRANCO, BROTHER GENTRY, INDIAN, KK, Vince, Rick, Dennis, Jim, Hugh, Andy, Lou and all of the other ghosts of Colonial Hall whose nickname or first name I have forgotten.

Colonial Hall was Colonial Hall, you either loved it or hated it. If you stayed there more then one semester, I guess you loved it.


Where is this at?

A photo with a particular charme. ~+~+~+~ LIKE! / GEFÄLLT MIR! ~+~+~+~+~ Jürgen grüßt Dich aus Frankfurt am Main / Jürgen says hello from Frankfurt-upon-Main (Germany)

And Google, keep your hands off Panoramio!!!! - Und Google, Hände weg von Panoramio!!!!


Nice photo of that street corner. ~+~+~+~ LIKE! / GEFÄLLT MIR! ~+~+~+~+~ Jürgen grüßt Dich aus Frankfurt am Main / Jürgen says hello from Frankfurt-upon-Main (Germany)

And Google, keep your hands off Panoramio!!!! - Und Google, Hände weg von Panoramio!!!!


Important words there,

Thanks. The picture is about three years old. I do have a couple of pictures of the Payne building. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/44143461?tag=the%20payne%20family%20native%20american%20center

Thanks for joining the olympic Games group, lets add as many pictures as possible and invite other members to our group... best regards from switzerland

nice pic please add to olympic games group thanks christian

Look like a nice place to be!

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