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I am an Aussie girl. I love natural photography. I love taking photos of old buildings, natural landscapes and nature.
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Кстати китайцы не очень любят когда иностранцы дают географические названия на их территории, но вы всё сделали правильно.

Muy buena la foto, que gran color el verde, fantástica.

Hi Bizzdan and Nopo, it is very difficult to position a town on the map, especially when it is way out in the outback. No idea how the marker got put into Antarctic (lol) I have put it in the area of Packsaddle but will need to refine it later. At least it is now sitting on the Silver City Highway, although not exactly where it should be. I have no idea how to place it using the co-ordinates given.

Nice one.Peter

Lovely spot there. We have been there a few times to buy pheasants (live ones) They used to have an aviary with other species of pheasant and we bought a few from the head keeper there. We also got to buy a couple of the Ringneck pheasants that they use for their produce so two of them got away so to speak. Seems you have a fasinating job filming all over the countryside. Lucky you!! Can I get a job like that???

Thanks for your comments Lloyd B. The Flinders is certainly a special place. Very beautiful no matter what time of year it is.

Yes, that is beautiful feathers! :))

Greetings from Hamburg, febrok

Wonderful place! Very beautiful waterfall!

Greetings, Irina.

Yes it can be very remote. Upon reflection, we really did take a bit of a risk going up to the Dig Tree, Coopers Creek in a 1983 Mazda 323!!!. We ended up puncturing a tyre (on the way back)and drove for quite a distance before we found a small town with a mechanic, and by pure chance, he had a tyre to fit the rim. Starting out with the FLinders is a good taste of what to expect, although nothing compares to out there in the real outback. We were driving on large rocks up to Coopers Creek. The fuel tank now holds 10 litres less, because of all the dents. The rear floor pan behind the driver, now has a large hump in it from a rock that we caught, we came millimetres from ripping out the brake lines and fuel lines, and there are many splits underneath where the rocks dug into the underbody, so I do not recommend taking a little Mazda up there again. It is still on the road and driving very well considering, but is about to be retired and kept for a standby car. Tough little car, thats for sure!!!! The main problem out in the real outback, is what to do if you break down. Most of the way up there and coming back I think we would have seen about 4 vehicles. On the way to the Coopers creek, we were the only ones there. The road from Innaminka to Coopers Creek, (the dig tree site) was only 65km. It took us 3 hours to get there and back and we came close to turning around a couple of time, believe me!!! Would have even been rough in a 4WD!!! so if you want to venture into the real outback, be careful, tell someone, and take supplies!!! It could be a long wait for help :)

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