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Hello to everyone, I love being in the Australian outback mainly around the northern goldflieds of Western Australia "where less is more". Have been exploring this area for the last 10 years and still never ceases to amaze me in so many ways. I wonder what it must have been like for the early prospectors and my mind wonders off just thinking about the hardships and comradery. People from far away around the globe traveled to very remote locations to find gold in the outback. I collect found metal objects from the early 1900's to make metal sclupture. This is aways very challanging because I sense the history behind some of metal objects and try to find just the right way to present them so it dose not look like a pile of rusty metal but tells a story. Warm Regards Spider52.

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:-) I bet they do have some radiation in them too.. The place for the Note has been spotted and noted..... I found an old brass belt buckle on top of those rocks last time... now it sits on my computer desk...

Sounds good to me Mike... My tent site is in this photo.. Just to the left of the tree right under the large rock... I find it radiates heat for awhile after sunset..!

Yes its like a update of how things are now and I like that but on a sad note my favourite place at Illaara ruin has changed shape with the end wall falling in, make me very sad :(

I either drag firewood in with chains and slings or put on bonnet of car if just getting a small amount, do prefer trees laying on the ground first!

Mount Morgans was a substantial station on the Malcolm to Laverton WAGR Branch Line.

Unbelievable weather for that time of year , how lucky is that, someone was looking after us.

recognised anything you need from this lot , do this sort of thing with the shops the recycle bin lid used for removed fixings.

Thanks lizab abandoned place are like a magnet to me :)

As you can see its a bit out of town but nice and quiet , worth a look!

I have never camp here either and can remember to old handrails and may to have a look at old photos to post one.


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