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Hello to everyone, I love being in the Australian outback mainly around the northern goldflieds of Western Australia "where less is more". Have been exploring this area for the last 10 years and still never ceases to amaze me in so many ways. I wonder what it must have been like for the early prospectors and my mind wonders off just thinking about the hardships and comradery. People from far away around the globe traveled to very remote locations to find gold in the outback. I collect found metal objects from the early 1900's to make metal sclupture. This is aways very challanging because I sense the history behind some of metal objects and try to find just the right way to present them so it dose not look like a pile of rusty metal but tells a story. Warm Regards Spider52.

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Unfortunately, that poor place is quite a heap now.

Real Artists use cameras eh ITB? :-)

Yeah the down pipe is a bit flash! Just liked the broken windows,street name,one way sign and the recessed water tap in the wall.

It was a large shed of old design all right and could have been used as a yard shed for a small stream loco for delivery of goods out back behind the main street shops.

Glad you notice that little bit of green up there Caroline, you have detailed eyes. :)

Whew! At last, a consensus! ; )

Thanks, spider!

Beautiful evening sky :-)

A very nice capture of this most impressive Post Office!!

The rock work at the bottom is pretty rough...I see what you mean about the cylindrical foundations Michael.

The going rate is a carton per body and had lots of interest at this once in a lifetime offer. Jokes aside not digging Lex,deconstructing a 100 year old water tank to enable reno's to take place in this area. Thanks Caroline did a JSA and we all agree I'am nuts!


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