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Hello to everyone, I love being in the Australian outback mainly around the northern goldflieds of Western Australia "where less is more". Have been exploring this area for the last 10 years and still never ceases to amaze me in so many ways. I wonder what it must have been like for the early prospectors and my mind wonders off just thinking about the hardships and comradery. People from far away around the globe traveled to very remote locations to find gold in the outback. I collect found metal objects from the early 1900's to make metal sclupture. This is aways very challanging because I sense the history behind some of metal objects and try to find just the right way to present them so it dose not look like a pile of rusty metal but tells a story. Warm Regards Spider52.

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I searched the whole building looking for just one whole wall tile ;-)

Concrete roof in the kitchen? Interesting. Maybe to make it more fireproof?

A beautiful sky! There is always something to admire in Nature, isn't there Michael.

Somehow a foreboding sky just suits this place for photos!!

You're in good company there Michael ;-)

It`s good to be able to see this sign from afar!

Classic shot, Mike! Someone really really wanted those window frames. I wonder what for?

Hi Dr Walt, Thanks for the extensive info on the thingy. LOL@S

Yes Mike it was very 1970s decor... 😳


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