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Love this place

my mate built that tree house at charm beach go rich nice one..!! good beach too .

hi daniel, thanks a lot. Oh really.that's a good news for me, for us. my email address is eucharles9@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot.

I grow up in talalora western samar, wich it is walking destance to daram i miss my home town.And finding it on the internet it is a breathtaking its make me home sick. I am a US citizen now but nothing compare the beauty of my home land Talalora western samar philippines. I am pround that I am pilipino.thank you for giving me an apurtunity to see my home town even just on the internet its make me very happy, and put tears on my eyes I LOVE YOU GUYS and god bless you alll.

This stretch of beach is in Balaterong Munti (Small Balatero). You're looking towards the east, going to the town proper ("poblacion").

This is where Fisherman's Cove is located, a resort operated by Mr. Portolan. (I think his first name is Giuseppe but he always puts in Portolan first in his business cards.) Mr. Portolan is an Italian who is said to serve the best pizzas in all of Puerto Galera.

Note the mangrove trees framed by the two boats on the left part of the picture. They're called "pipisik". They grow into big trees by the water's edge. On some days you might be lucky to chance upon flocks of "pipit", small birds that feed on the little yellow flowers of the "pipisik". (I think these birds are the equivalent of warblers.) On some nights, you might be rewarded by the spectacle of fireflies.

This cove is a "deep" cove; therefore, the bay waters are relatively stagnant. A deep cove is like a letter U; a "narrow" cove is like the smiley emoticon. The waters are serene. At low tide, you might be able to venture further out from the sandy beach head into the soft bottom. Locals can tell varieties of live shells from the mounds of the soft "putik" (gray sand).

This area is not popular for swimming. (It is also sparsely populated.) But you will be one of those blessed with an incomparable experience. On moonlit nights, get into a banca and let it float freely away from the shoreline. Take in the sounds of nature from your perch. If you're a stressed city dweller, you're into one reinvigorating exercise. It's that proverbial "doing nothing" -- and receiving a lot!

This beach was part of my teenage years when we had to walk to go to Balaterong Malaki (Big Balatero) through this seashore "shortcut", avoiding the longer, winding roadway farther up the hill.

Wow what a picture. Just perfect in object, place and quality.

Hi. wow! Beautiful

Looking into Muelle Bay. Marker is a bit displaced otherwise you would be looking at a dozen yatchs - maybe over in the next inlet East

... but for what - in your opinion should somebody ever put pictures on a map - if not for the reason to show how this place looks like in real, more detailed and from another point of sight?

Sorry but for me that's the only reason I ever could discover to do so. And it is the common reason for what I ever would click a linked picture within a map. Disappointing are this pictures of funny posters which show something not fitting to this location or which show their privacy.

And sorry again if I don't agree with you, that nobody would be interested to see a pic from its 100% real or as near as possible position. I'm at least one of them. By the way, the pictues you published are great. I really enjoyed watching it - but I can't recognize that place - where that pictures was taken. Of course you can feel free to post it however and wherever you like. Just take it as a suggestion for what I did say. For my opinion - its a very great feature of Google Earth that people can help to add benefits by posting their own pictures from every place in this world. But its easy to turn this feature from a benefit for everyone to a disadvantage by letting it become inaccurate, dirty and crowded. However, its never a disadvantage and its just an easy task to put a nice and worthy picture to its right place in this world.

Just if you don't mind.

Your're one of the greatest explorers: Congratulations, but I believe, the 100% real position of the pic doesn't interest someyone.

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