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当一年中格桑花开的美丽季节,香巴拉是歌舞的海洋。那里的人们能歌善舞,那里的景色绚丽迷人。每年七月花开的季节,忙碌了许久的香巴拉人终于可以放下全部负担——各民族同胞无论男女老少,无论天睛天阴,举家出动,加入到一个大的欢乐组织中。此时,草地上、丛林中布满了珍珠般的帐篷。那逢制精巧富有民族传统特色的图案,点缀到精美的白色帐篷上刹是好看。当人们暂时忘记疲惫来到户外,轻松懈意的享受户外大自然带来的美景时,身处在绿绿丛丛,开满各色山花的草坡上、丛林中,这使人们暂时忘记了生活带来的疲惫,工作带来的压力和烦恼,用心地领略到了户外大自然带给人们的无邂遐想和喜悦。 这里跟随我,跟随你,让我们的眼睛去旅行!!
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Thank you ThesergeantAGS Gonzalez, for the very dear comment, ℒike & ℱav..

My best wishes, Reiner

A beautiful scene. Congratulations!


Best wishes.Corrado

How was your day Andrea ? I'm glad you wrote the message back ! Yes, it's a pretty long time in silence. You know that them always like to censure , and today is almost impossible to open again! Fortunately, just then, can be open the panramio. perhaps tomorrow will be closed again, who knows! Yesterday I also contacted with Angelika, she is very happy that we can talk more again. True, some good friends are always thinking of each other. Thank you, too! Best regards from China! Chun

Sans les voitures au premier plan....Il aurait manqué quelque chose à cette magnifique photo!

Hi dear Angelika, am so gald to hear from you again! It sounds very pleasure that some times you will keep think about me, thank you, my friend! Of course, me too,I also made as the same state sometimes. I think the reason is "the heart has are linked together between good friends"! I am fine, but still keep the old self without change more things! Currently, jsut was busy to prepare for the next painting exhibition! Okay, no problem it is my honor, I will later organize some of new pictures and upload here. Best wish and have fun!Chun

Thanks everyone for visited my gallery !! It is such a long time does not work about the panoramio in China. My best wishes from China to you all!!!


Bardzo, bardzo;) Ładnie ten Kominiarski wbił się w kadr:) L

Очень красиво и романтично!!!! L+F ☀️🌷🌸❤️💐

Theodosios Tziomakas

Σε ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ

για τα F:11 + L:24.

Kαλό Σαββατόβραδο, Κώστας


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