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Nice picture Alan. I was stationed at the Bellevue Hill radar site from March 1966 thru November 1967 and worked in this building on a daily basis during that time period. It is obviously abandoned now but, was occupied and a major hub of activity while I worked there. The building is part of a United States Air Force (USAF) facility known as a Ground to Air Transmitter and Receiver (GATR) site. This facility was further, a part of the 764th Radar Squadron, Air Defense Command(ADC) located at Bellevue Hill just east of St. Albans, VT. Housed in this building were a large number of ultra high frequency (UHF) ground to air radio transmitters and receivers, high power UHF transmitters and special computer equipment that were used to conduct command and control of USAF's (ADC) fighter interceptor aircraft in the 764th Radar Squadron's air defense sector. The building also housed an extremely large diesel powered alternating current generator set. This building is located in the middle of and centered on a large rectangular field (known as the antenna farm) with a north to south alignment. In this field on both sides of the building were a large number of UHF antennas mounted on telephone poles. The antennas were a necessary part of the radio communications equipment. Looking at your picture about the center of and near and along the roof line going towards the rear of the building are a series of dots that are actually holes in the building where the radio frequency(rf) coaxial cable going to the antennas passed thru. The building is clearly visible today and it sits where you have indicated in the middle of an over grown or forested rectangular field that is aligned as I stated earlier. This field was the antenna farm that I referred to and was clear of all vegetation when I worked there. Your picture sure brings back some good memories. MHUMP, USAF MSgt Ret. USAF specialties: 304X4 and 275XO, i.e. Ground Radio Repairman and Tactical Air Command and Control Specialist (ROMAD) respectively. 1965 -1988.

I grew up in the house 100 yards north of this cemetery (from 1948-1972). The cemetery dates to the revolutionary war. When children my brothers, sisters, and I used to play in this cemetery. We read all the grave markers. There were many interesting markers. In the most north and west corner of the cemetry there is a grave marker for a Corporal Rumsey Brown. The marker identifies corporal Brown as a soldier in the British army. The date of death noted on the grave marker coincides with the likely date that general Burgoyne would have passed this point in his march toward Saratoga. This grave is on the colonial stagecoach route. This route eventually became US Route 4. The cemetery is right on Route 4, half way between Fort Ann and Whitehall NY.

been there,seen it, loved it, miss it. all in the 1950s-beautiful valley-fishermans paradise.

I finally got to see them and man they are beautiful! I cant wait till they are cranking out juice. What a great sign of the times.

Thats crazy! I like on Dodd Farms right across the road. Does anyone know what year that barn was built?

George eastman House in East Avenue

This is in Troy, not in Albany

This is the Benneig farm.

Send me your e-mail I will send you some more of Swanton


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