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During our travels both close to home and far away, my wife and I attempt to find peace in various natural settings which help us draw close to the Lord. With our camera we try to capture a glimpse of what we are experiencing and often find ourselves awe-inspired by what He has made. I would like to thank all the visitors from around the world who have taken time to view our extensive gallery. I would be happy to help provide anyone who has a like-minded desire and appreciation for natural beauty the directions to some of these beautiful places. Our prayer is that through these images as well as by other means, our Creator will call His people to Himself and be transformed into His likeness. May God bless you in your travels, photography and your personal lives. (Romans 1:20 & 12:2)

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Hello All,

I stumbled upon this building while driving around the area this past weekend. Thinking I had just discovered a hidden treasure, I did a quick Google search and immediately became obsessed with its history and what was inside. The look, the feel and the story is quite amazing, although there is plenty of mystery still left because there really isn't that much out there about it.

I would love the opportunity to continue discussion about this great historical piece.

There are so many questions, most of which were answered when I found this page.

The ultimate question is, what does it look like on the inside and I think I found the only picture (at least the only one I can find).

I came across a random site that has a large gallery of photos of this school prior to the current boarded up look it has now. The last picture in the gallery is a shot from one of the windows looking in. Below is the link to what I can safely say is the only inside picture i've seen of the school/gym/pool/extension of Craig House on the web.

Enjoy -

Thanks lizab & Petr

Thanks Sharon. We love the southwest, especially when the lighting is right!

Thank for checking out my gallery petr

Nice scenery, well framed. L 50. Best regards, Petr

Impressive tree, nice capture. Like 1. Best regards, Petr

Watchung MountainMan Checked out your gallery. Seems you have traveled to many of the same places we have gone. Blessings and safety in your adventures. Continue to seek the Lord and find His beauty

Thanks spookangel & Watchung MountainMan Great comments. I agree wholeheartedly



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