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During our travels both close to home and far away, my wife and I attempt to find peace in various natural settings which help us draw close to the Lord. With our camera we try to capture a glimpse of what we are experiencing and often find ourselves awe-inspired by what He has made. I would like to thank all the visitors from around the world who have taken time to view our extensive gallery. I would be happy to help provide anyone who has a like-minded desire and appreciation for natural beauty the directions to some of these beautiful places. Our prayer is that through these images as well as by other means, our Creator will call His people to Himself and be transformed into His likeness. May God bless you in your travels, photography and your personal lives. (Romans 1:20 & 12:2)

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Dear, recently I deleted some photos from panorama google earth, but the description link for other user photos are still there on the location. please remove photo link from that area the coordinates are 24°54'8.61"N 46°25'54.28"E 24°54'10.80"N 46°25'56.29"E 24°54'8.21"N 46°25'55.60"E 24°54'7.34"N 46°25'56.93"E 24°54'8.55"N 46°25'47.41"E 24°54'5.51"N 46°25'41.73"E 24°54'5.56"N 46°25'37.09"E 24°54'6.49"N 46°25'35.80"E 24°54'8.92"N 46°25'35.14"E 24°54'10.97"N 46°25'34.03"E 24°54'12.16"N 46°25'33.50"E

please do correct the photo link

Thank you very much Kaboodle30 can't wait to see them again this year :-)

Thanks for checking out the pics Richard. I see you have some additions yourself. Regards, Chris

Gotta love those first jobs:)

Very interesting job your son has. Have you ridden on board any of his vessels??

I've spent some time in the Christiana Mall.

My Mother and Father lived in Claymont for a while and then moved to Talleyville which is down the road. (He was working in Eddystone PA)



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