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Previously known as 'ArtnScience' I am an Art-Loving, Scientist, Physician and Ethicist whose research, professional and personal interests are paired with a love of travel. I love going almost anywhere in the world, especially places where I can travel like a local resident and meet people. Lately, I travel by bicycle after getting to where I want my journey to begin. My camera helps me remember friends I make, local architecture and terrain through which I pass. I love all kinds of artistic endeavor; and, I enjoy painting, drawing and learning about Art History and Architecture. My combined interest in Art and Science made logical my web identity as **ArtnScience**. Leonardo Da Vinci is my personal hero. His scientific interests were as earth-shaking as was his art. Da Vinci's life personified Art & Science.

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Nick, I love that Spanish sculptors have such good sense of humor. This statue scores on so many points. Thanks for the Like. Best regards. -Art

Nick, Thanks. This place is well worth the journey. There's a nice pub near where I took this photo. It is so popular that all the food was consumed by the time we arrived at 2 pm. We did find food in the next town but learned that one must get to the pub before 2 pm for lunch. Best regards. -Art

Nick, So do I. The sweet spring wild flowers really deserve more attention. Thanks for the like. Best regards. -Art

You can see I am having fun and taking time to smell the butter cups on this trip, Nick. Thanks for the Like and I hope you will also enjoy some of the images from this trip that I plan to upload in the coming weeks. Best regards. -Art

Nick, Thanks for the notice and the Like. I am warmed by the recognition that there is a renaissance of historic preservation in the rural villages of Spain. A young couple with a small daughter took on this project and now have the makings of a key destination for romantic weekends. Getting there by bicycle made it even more inviting. Best regards. -Art

Hi Nick, Thanks for the Like. The snow was impressive but our Merino wool and high tech bicycling gear kept us dry and warm despite the fact that this first day ride was in -2 Celsius. Best regards. -Art

Nick, Thanks again for the attention and the like. I feel successful if the things that fascinate me also get the attention of my friends. Best regards. -Art

Anand and Nick, Thanks for the nice comments and the likes. This medieval village is special because of the spring that runs through its center. I noticed at least two other villages in Spain that had this configuration. One was a 5th century cave village and the other was Tobera de Frias. It may be an idea that came with primitive man or it was part of the Roman plan. Anyway, I also found it fascinating. Best regards dear friends. -Art

Nick, Thanks for the Like and for interpreting this photo. I've seen mini forests like this in France so it was surprising to see one in Spain. I didn't see David Hockney in there but if he is very skinny I might have missed him :) Best regards dear friend. -Art

Hi Boettner, Thanks for the nice comment and the Like. The folks at KittyHawk Kite Company in North Carolina did a splendid job of enabling me to safely take my first flight hang gliding. I didn't advance beyond level one but had I been 40 years younger I certainly would have tried. Best regards. -Art



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