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Previously known as 'ArtnScience' I am an Art-Loving, Scientist, Physician and Ethicist whose research, professional and personal interests are paired with a love of travel. I love going almost anywhere in the world, especially places where I can travel like a local resident and meet people. Lately, I travel by bicycle after getting to where I want my journey to begin. My camera helps me remember friends I make, local architecture and terrain through which I pass. I love all kinds of artistic endeavor; and, I enjoy painting, drawing and learning about Art History and Architecture. My combined interest in Art and Science made logical my web identity as **ArtnScience**. Leonardo Da Vinci is my personal hero. His scientific interests were as earth-shaking as was his art. Da Vinci's life personified Art & Science.

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Amelia, this is the Frederick Community cemetery called Mount Olivet. It is not a military cemetery so if there are WWII soldiers buried there, they would be in family plots. Frederick is right on the Mason Dixon line that divided the country into the North (Union Forces) and the South (Confederate Forces) at the time of the Civil War ~1862-1864. While all of Maryland was 'Officially' supporting the North there were families that went completely for the South, families that were divided with some sons fighting for the North and others fighting for the South. In any case, the Civil War Hospitals in Frederick treated soldiers from both sides and after the Battle of Monocacy, there were Confederate soldier corpses who had no identification, some who had identification but were unclaimed, i.e. left on the battlefield. These were buried in our community cemetery and an area of Mount Olivet Cemetery was permanently dedicated to the Confederate dead. The author of our National Anthem, Francis Scott Key, was a resident of Frederick Maryland. In the Northern area of Mt. Olivet Cemetery is the Key tomb where he and his wife are buried. Above the tomb is a bronze statue of Francis Scott Key and the American Flag flies beside the grave 24 hours a day, and is illuminated at night. Thanks for asking. Best regards. -Art

Fabrizio, Thank you for the complement and the Like. We have been lucky with our garden. Best regards. -Art

Fabrizio, Thanks for your comment and the Like. Greetings from USA, -Art

Fabrizio, Thanks for the nice comment and the Like. I am always amazed at the monuments left by people 7000 years ago. Best regards. -Art

Thank you Art Anderson very much for your visit and kind comment

ELMUNT, Thanks for the nice comments. Crater lake is a great place for taking photos. Best regards. -Art

Esztella, Thanks for your comment and the F+L. The lighting in this church demanded that I take this shot. Everything worked together nicely. Best regards. -Art

Esztella, Thanks for the F+L. I can't take credit for the image, it was downloaded. However, I did this to show how much this scene looks the same today. Best regards. -Art

Anand, Thanks for the compliment. Best regards. -Art

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