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Dear friends around the world, hereby I want to inform you that the blackbackground of the image in my profile is a form of protest against genocide, ethnic cleansing, threat to life and deprivation of basic human rights, to which are exposed every day the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crucified Kosovo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0figsJ0sM0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OP5jXp4cik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Western "democracy" in Kosovo and Metohija in facts and numbers after 1999 : ***Ethnic cleansing and genocide : More than 250.000 Serbs are banished from Kosovo and Metohija. More than 1.000 Serbs are killed, 2.000 are missing until today. More than 300 Serbs are killed and their organs are harvested and which were then sold on the black market. The man who organized all this crimes is Hashim Tachi the so called "Prime Minister of Kosovo", supported by Western European and American governments! ***Even the dead Serbs have no peace: More than 392 Serbian cemeteries are desecrated and destroyed. ***Destroying of the Serbian Spiritual and Cultural Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija: More than 150 Serbian churches and monasteries (many of them are from the medieval) are totally destroyed, burned or desecrated. ***Only for one day during the March 17th 2004, in a systematic and organized attack are destroyed 35 Serbian churches and monastiries and 935 Serbian houses . More than 19 Serbs are killed, 945 hurts and banished more than 4.000. Six cities and 9 villages are totally ethnic cleaned from the Serbs . The rest of Serbs in Kosovo lives in ghettos without any basic human rights under the authority of those criminals who committed these crimes against them! This list is not exhaustive unfortunately and gets bigger every day! ***No one who committed these crimes has not been prosecuted, arrested and convicted until today although their names are known!

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Коначно неко ко има слике из унутрашњости. Ти мора да имаш добру везу, а не као ми остали

Е, ово је већ нешто сасвим друго

Ја ћу овде морати да те мало изгрдим. Ниси одсекао само крст, него и пола звоника....

Одличан и необичан угао

Врло лепо

Très jolie prise de vue nocturne


Врло добро, одлично усликано

Interesting work


Хе једном сам и ја исто била на Сутомору и били су исти овакви таласи. Једино што сам ја стварно ушла у воду и онда су хтели да ме прогутају таласи. Једва се жива извукох, тада ми постаде јасно зашто је вода лош господар.



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