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Hi everyone. I believe in sharing some of the most gorgeous places in the world and like others here, seeing what others' photography work is like. North America is a magnificent landscape with everything from mountains to plains, deserts to rainforests and major cities to wilderness where not a single soul can be seen for days. I hope to explore more adventures on other continents, but for now, I give you all a showcase of some of the diverse things to behold and be inspired by in North America! Cheers! Also I have the address of videos of various places in Canada if you follow my YouTube link as posted. If you would like to chat about photography, you can reach me at Davidrad18@yahoo.ca Happy photography! If you would like to see an intense thunderstorm with spectacular lightning on my YouTube profile, look for user Davemeister22 and go to the video search tab and type in this: A Severe Thunderstorm With Tornado Potential Strikes Edmonton AB, July 18th, 2009 Happy storm chasing!

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Thanks very much!

Greetings from Canada,



These clouds were certainly nifty. I saw these just before a downpour and thunderstorm struck Edmonton.

Happy camping,


And this is what they're talkin' 'bout when they say out here that "yew cayn seey a teylephaone paol feeefteeen miyles aoff" (in non-countryman English, "You can see a telephone pole fifteen miles off". Lol, that is true, Alberta is an incredible open and vast kind of land. It's bigger than the entire UK, yet has a mere 3.5 million people. Over 1 million of which live in the Edmonton area and over one living in Calgary, the rest is a land where you see your dog chase a rabbit down the road forever!

Happy trails from Alberta,


I certainly will map this gorgeous view as soon as I'm able.

Happy travels,


Thanks, Stacy. I enjoyed the serenity of this valley. Along this lonely northern back road in Long Lake Coulee, northeast of Edmonton, you hardly encounter anyone and it's very peaceful.

Best regards from Kelowna,


Ha ha, that's a very smart idea! No, seriously though, I just walked along the shoreline of Cold Lake, Alberta.

Happy trails,


Thanks very much, Alireza.

Greetings from Canada,


:) Yes Nawitka, witnessed the construction a couple of times. Actually parked directly under the new "Park" bridge for an hour for delays.

It was shot through the front windshield, which interferes with my texting ;)

thanks and best wishes



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