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"Creativily is virtually unlimited in digital technology. The other thing that is virtually unlimited is tomfoolery, sir!" - Jim Adams
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Sir Very many thnx for the comeents.

Hi Tom, i live just south of the Tropic of Capricon, the difference is already quite noticeable between the solstices, according to the tables our longest day (dec 21) is just under 3 hours longer than the shortest day (june 21).

It looks like a great place to spend a holiday!

Interesting angles, curves, and lighting.

Nice reflection, and very rich blue in the sky and the water.

This has a sense of mystery.

I just want to give a polite reminder only one photo per member per day in the POTD - Photo of the Day group.

Tom, here most stairways are enclosed near the building core, we have some external stairways too but without the glass walls (not necessary in tropical climates), it gets very hot but no more than the outdoor temperature, cold weather is a never a concern. Cheers, Lizab.

Rafael, it can be very relaxing. We were there for a couple nights, and saw or heard deer, loons, herons, eagles, a number of song birds, and even wolves are possible (though very uncommon). I need to go back some time when there are leaves on the trees and shoot some of these cabins again.



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