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This has an amazing, mystical feel to it, something primordial.

A well-worn path and stairs in an old but beautiful place.

At first, I thought these were pebbles. But clearly, almost all are shells! I like the very low perspective. I do not often think to get very close to the ground.

Tom Cooper様 そうです。この一帯の海岸の岩は、花崗岩です。この場所の花崗岩だけが、このような、まっすぐに切り立った形なんです。人工的に切られたとしか、考えられません。 ここの集落の名前は、「白木(Siraki)」と言います。西暦400年頃、朝鮮半島に有った「新羅(Siragi)」から、船に乗って、やって来た人々が、定住してできた集落です。倭の国(Wanokuni)=日本に、戦乱を避けて逃げて来たのではないか?そして、新羅の攻撃から、集落を守る為に造られた、古代の城ではないか?という疑問が湧いたのです。 ここの

The statement I get from this sculpture is "don't send your daughter to Ursinus unless you want her to come ome pregnant." =8-O

Sir Very many thnx for the comeents.

Hi Tom, i live just south of the Tropic of Capricon, the difference is already quite noticeable between the solstices, according to the tables our longest day (dec 21) is just under 3 hours longer than the shortest day (june 21).

So did you arrive in the kayak? Zooming out on the map gave me the impression that there are times this might be a challenging place to kayak under different circumstances.



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