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Great photo! Thank you for uploading this!

I was stationed here in 1999 in the 1/8th CAV. I had one of the best years of my life within the scope of this photo. Broke my heart to learn this post was closed in 2010. I spent the bulk of my time here driving our troop commander.

(I'm paraphrasing but his initial address went something like this)

"By adolescence, a mans habits and decorum are nearly indelible. By adulthood it takes a tremendous event or force to catalyze personal change. You are all men. Don't make me be the force to make you change"

Colonel Ron Tuggle: it was an honor to serve you.

I really wasn't sure what it was. I lookied like some kind of tidal fish trap to me. I sure do miss going to LBL. I can't wait to get back there.

Do you have another pictures showing the home and the flood? I'd like to see them if you do have some. Thanks

i was visiting my ex mother in law with my ex wife when i took this picture. i loved it out there. it was beautiful and the view from the old fire tower was wonderful.

n2guns said:

I was stationed north of TDC in 1989-90. I ran in to a friend I had met on an earlier tour in Korea (Stanley 85-88) that was stationed at Humphries. I visited there once between 1989 and 1990 and this is how I saw it. I remember all the sandbags :)

I am military. 13 years now. I do not know of the place you mention. But now that you mentioned it I might make a trip out there and see if they have some .45 ammo. I have been hunting high and low for that ammo and cant find it anywhere. I do not know how to vote. I just take photos and post them on here for everyone else to enjoy.

That looks like home to me. I grew up in Michigan and know all about farm life and snow.

Ruben, This is beautiful.....

My dog is named Loki too! So much for originality! LOL My daughter rejected Heimdall, oh well. Great pics! Loved the sunset one with the fishermen in profile.

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