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I grew up learning about the Mordecai House and the paranormal activity firsthand from my mother. Her family lived in a small house on Person street, across from what is presently Person Street Pharmacy. The property is located several city blocks from the Mordecai House. Person street was notoriously muddy, so planks were laid down in the tracks travelled by horses, wagons and carriages; consequently, the street, or road, was called the Plank Road. My mother's family were sitting on the porch of the little house situated close to the road and suddenly the loud sound of hoofbeats were heard coming up from the area of the Mordecai property. The "horse" was a carpenter's sawhorse; it galloped on up Plank Road until it was out of sight. My mother related stories of going down to the "Mordecai Place" on moonlit nights to watch "the lady" in filmy garb, dance back and forth over the style that spanned the fence there. My own experience is one I shall never forget. It was a sultringly hot night in early July, 1942. My fiance and I parked there on Mimosa Street, across of the Mordecai House. I did not realize where we were. As we sat discussing our wedding, which was a couple of weeks away, the wind began to blow- but ONLY in the small tree (one of a number that lined the street there) under which we sat. It became so that the boughs bent and swayed and scraped the top of the car. I began to cry and we were both terrified. When we arrived home, I related the incident to my mother, still in tears. "Where were you?", she asked. "On a little street named Mimosa,", I replied. "My God", mother exclaimed, 'You were at the Mordecai Place" I shall never forget that incident; do I believe in hauntings? Do I believe the Mordecai House is haunted? YES!! emphatically. Thank you for your informative and enjoyable website. Sincerely, L. Shinbara, Raleigh.

I guess so, Chris and they would need good shoes! :)

Wonderful landscape and reflection!

Greetings from Romania,“Gabi – My Contest’

Klaus, zu deinem Kommentar vom 07. Oktober 2008: Welcher Dödl hat denn da bei 3m Tidehub Cuxhafen geschrieben??? Das liegt doch nicht an der Ostsee, wo die Häfen mit eff geschrieben werden!! Grüße vom Kalli von der Elbinsel :-)

A view of Mount Colden from the cascading rapids along Algonquin Peak in the Adirondack High Peaks Region of New York State. This shot was taken from approximately 4,000 feet up the mountain.

Hehe...true that, but unfortunately, this ice storm caused considerable damage throughout the Raleigh-Durham area back in 2002.

The trail is much more appealing when the rhododendrons are in full bloom. :0) I have yet to venture north on the A.T. from Massie Gap where this photo was taken. I've been in the other direction all the way to Mount Rogers, the highest point in Virginia. I'd like to trek some of the A.T. within Shenandoah National Park further north in the state. Maybe within the next few months... ;0)

ahh ok, yeah i think I saw a picture of the bridge somewhere. thanks!


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