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No-one around. A nice hot day.... and and the serenity of the location was second to none.

Abdie Old Church, Grange of Lindores. It is difficult to put into words how beautiful, peaceful and serene this old church is. It dates from the 11th century and is so full of history. Many old plaques and gravestones are in the church and in the grounds each with their own story carved into the old stones. I have been coming here for over 20 years and have never seen another person, such is its isolation. It is the only place I would seriously consider to be buried in, but unfortunately, the local council said "No".

Nice view of the river Tay as it passes Newburgh at Ninewell Farm. Sun just getting through the cloud as the evening ends. It was bright red in the photo.

Picture taken from the top of Falkland Hill overlooking Falkland and 'The Howe of Fife'. It also overlooks Falkland Palace which is one of the most important Scottish Royal Palaces in history. Falkland still retains its Olde Worlde charms and is a pleasure to tour round.

A lovely little Scottish Village in Fife. It was a dump in the 1950/60's and has been transformed into one of the most beautiful little fishing villages in Fife, Scotland.

Fine! Excellent gallery! Greetings from Japan!

This was Jeep I believe? Looks a lot different from my days!

In reply to HGBUKA

Once again the translation is crap.

"You know the media does wrong, island rum with the British, not peşkeş Attempting to withdraw. Turkey is not intended to be in the mountains, the British flag will be happy if not jealousy. you go into marriage with the British. Whole world will see the answer to the Turkish nation. Do bad translation:)

Let's look at the last photo you see is part of them, you talk about? How is a danger in the world for enosis EOKA and realize who you are?"

It seems pointless carrying on with this conversation as we both don't know what we are replying to. I am quite happy for YOU to have the last word. Mine is this,.....The UNNECESSARY and HUGE Turkish flag painted (and lit up at night) on the mountain overlooking Nicosia, in my opinion and nearly everyone elses...IS ARROGANT!! I will not reply to YOUR final comment!. Goodbye.

This is a beautiful part of Skye. Some would say the MOST beautiful part of Skye. It is on the part of the island that has been untouched by modern society and the road to it (The Loop) is one the most peaceful and tranquil drives you could ever wish to take. It is impossible to beat the old single track roads in the Highlands& Islands for slowing you up enough to appreciate the stunning scenery. Unfortunately, the beautiful old single track road from Fort William to Mallaig (the main route to Skye) has been totally ruined by a 'Superhighway' thereby destroying the very reason for visting the area in the first place. I will not go back to Skye as part of the fulfilment of being there was the peace and tranquility without traffic lights and motorways!

This photograph is seriously Pixelated.

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