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David Brown Photography (formally Jethrohoyt). A lifetime Yorkshire-American photographer who owned his first SLR over 40 years ago. Now having progressed to the digital age, Panoramio is the perfect vehicle for this world traveling Yorkshireman/American, multi-lingual (speaks English, American, Geordie, Yorksheer and Southern). I live in various places in North Carolina, and love kayaking, biking and hiking, laughing and thinking. Oh and photography and everything 'computer'. I have used a variety of cameras over my lifetime. Many older scanned images on Panoramio will have been taken using either a Praktika SLR, a Pentax MV SLR or later waterproof Pentax point and shoot and either negative or slide film. My first digital camera was a Sony P&S, followed by a CDHK hacked Canon S3 and then augmented by an Olympus waterproof. I now carry around a Nikon D5100 with a brace of lenses plus a tripod that I NEVER use, and I do my best to try to look like I know what I am doing! Software I use? Picasa, Luminance (formally QTPFSGUI), Photomatix, Gimp for when all else fails and Lightroom 5.3. I enjoy laughter and mean nobody any harm, laugh with me, laugh at me. Its all good. Jethrohoyt became my unique web persona after I realized there were more David Browns out there than there are Chinese people in the world. You can call me David or Jethro. People have called me worse. I can be contacted at jethrohoyt via AOL.
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HAHAHAHA ! That's a great story! I watched this guy for a couple of minutes (at a great distance) explaining something to the kids. I could only guess it was something about having a solid and level foundation for their sand castle. They just looked at him, like this, the whole time! :)

Luckily the spring sun had finally started to work effectively.

But you are still right. A little earlier in the winter it is often so that the shinier the sun the colder the air.

Yes I see what you mean David J its how just how the world is constantly changing and we don't own any of it! Many thanks for you great comments.

Thank you Kevin ol' mate and yes I think Savannah does.... but thisa is about all we saw on our brief visit.

I'm thinking that I agree with you Kevin. Shots in snowy mountains or over lakes are OK, but the marina lights in this one.... and the momentary visit of security to the jetty, really help this out.

Thank you for making me think about this.


Great Picture! But that is most definitely the south end of Hammond Chute, where it enters the Mississippi. Hammond leaves the Black a few miles upstream.

Thank you David J I enjoyed 'processing' this one last night specially for Panoramio. You are right, they are getting on fast but I just don't know how many/few people are posting these days.... Also remember that even though its says they are on Maps, they probably ain't! Maps prefers none sunset/sunrise, none stylized and more straightforward shots as taken by street view. This will show up on Google Earth..... soon and then only until it is revamped. :-(

Oh well.....

David IN a very very hot (40degC) North Carolina.

Many thanks for your nice comment Kevin old chum. This is the benefit of being re'tard and going in on a weekday!!! This is the usual stack of three using my 10mm lens.

Thank you Gordon think of all the money that y'all made selling these things to Americans though!

So I hear Kevin but the menu looked a bit pricey for us, we were on a budget you know! I must check out the others sometime.

I think you're right Kevin - we got quite a surprise when we 'found' Caney Fork on our way to the usual hangout! Many thanks Buddy.


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