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David Brown Photography (formally Jethrohoyt). A lifetime Yorkshire-American photographer who owned his first SLR over 40 years ago. Now having progressed to the digital age, Panoramio is the perfect vehicle for this world traveling Yorkshireman/American, multi-lingual (speaks English, American, Geordie, Yorksheer and Southern). I live in various places in North Carolina, and love kayaking, biking and hiking, laughing and thinking. Oh and photography and everything 'computer'. I have used a variety of cameras over my lifetime. Many older scanned images on Panoramio will have been taken using either a Praktika SLR, a Pentax MV SLR or later waterproof Pentax point and shoot and either negative or slide film. My first digital camera was a Sony P&S, followed by a CDHK hacked Canon S3 and then augmented by an Olympus waterproof. I now carry around a Nikon D5100 with a brace of lenses plus a tripod that I NEVER use, and I do my best to try to look like I know what I am doing! Software I use? Picasa, Luminance (formally QTPFSGUI), Photomatix, Gimp for when all else fails and Lightroom 5.3. I enjoy laughter and mean nobody any harm, laugh with me, laugh at me. Its all good. Jethrohoyt became my unique web persona after I realized there were more David Browns out there than there are Chinese people in the world. You can call me David or Jethro. People have called me worse. I can be contacted at jethrohoyt via AOL.

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I understand the obesity problem is becoming...errrr.... huge in Britain these days Vince .... but should it be passed off as 'the norm'?


Very nice - David

Thank you Sixten I got a couple and they were all dark and similar to the background.... so I figured this one was it.

Thank you for your kind and constructive comments

David in Colorado

More than a long weekend Gordon - we are here for a bit of a stay, visiting with kids and GKs etc. I was missing my waterfalls and until I went up to Silverton, this was the best I could find.

I'm OK now though.........


Best wishes David

Its a hell of a background isn't it Sixten ? And that white stuff on the mountains... its what we cal SNOW!


Thank you *Gyöngyi * - my objective was to NOT have the mountain look like it stuck out from the top of the building. Sadly it became a very grey day (before it snowed again).

Thank you both David

Am sure you would not have wanted to have had a swim with this chap, but he was enjoying every moment!

Best wishes. Gordon

LIKE 3. It looks narrower than the Star Hotel in Moffat, Gordon, but I think this is just the tea room. I was certainly not the thinnest man in the world, after a lunch at the Star! LOL. Best wishes, Joe

Awesome storm clouds.

It will be beautiful scenery and the background !


Have a nice day Gyöngyi

:) - I understand the maintenance issue...... Hoping everything is good.


Think I've remembered it is:- Microsoft ICE, Hope that is it

Cheers my good Friend


Oh I like it Amelia,

It certainly is a great place to visit and to photograph, there are some oustanding exhibits as you have now probably discovered.

Kind Regards. Gordon


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