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David Brown Photography (formally Jethrohoyt). A lifetime Yorkshire-American photographer who owned his first SLR over 40 years ago. Now having progressed to the digital age, Panoramio is the perfect vehicle for this world traveling Yorkshireman/American, multi-lingual (speaks English, American, Geordie, Yorksheer and Southern). I live in various places in North Carolina, and love kayaking, biking and hiking, laughing and thinking. Oh and photography and everything 'computer'. I have used a variety of cameras over my lifetime. Many older scanned images on Panoramio will have been taken using either a Praktika SLR, a Pentax MV SLR or later waterproof Pentax point and shoot and either negative or slide film. My first digital camera was a Sony P&S, followed by a CDHK hacked Canon S3 and then augmented by an Olympus waterproof. I now carry around a Nikon D5100 with a brace of lenses plus a tripod that I NEVER use, and I do my best to try to look like I know what I am doing! Software I use? Picasa, Luminance (formally QTPFSGUI), Photomatix, Gimp for when all else fails and Lightroom 5.3. I enjoy laughter and mean nobody any harm, laugh with me, laugh at me. Its all good. Jethrohoyt became my unique web persona after I realized there were more David Browns out there than there are Chinese people in the world. You can call me David or Jethro. People have called me worse. I can be contacted at jethrohoyt via AOL.

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Many thanks, dear Mike - I love the combination of mist and sun too, and always enjoy visiting this downtown park. Have a wonderful week, with hugs (O:

Hey Sam - I'm loving this new(ish) set of train shots..... this one with my favorite star burst in it too.

Well done for getting up and getting them.

As always


Gorgeous - I need to go back again soon.

I'm trying to think, is this known as Waterend?

Anyway, loving it, especially the silhouettes.

Cheers - David

Just come across this..... how gorgeous is this shot! Perfect detail and great background. One to be proud of.


LIKE 9. I love your abstract work. You have the eye for seeing photographic potential in any situation. Best wishes from Scotland, Joe

Gold Hill Shaftesbury is a popular place for tourists to visit. It has been used in films and also a popular British advert for Hovis bread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgjLJSuGPt8

Well Frank poking around Agra on G.Maps with the pictures turned on leads nowhere as almost all the pictures (except mine of course) are wrongly mapped.... so even if we found this building, you'd still not know for sure where it is!!! :-)

I believe it's your Dad's picture. Are you sure its Agra. There are many great places around there where he could've taken a side trip.

Finally, try posting a mis-location and maybe somebody will stick there nose in and correct the location. I got at least one of mine correctly located that way.

Good luck my Hampton friend.

David in North Carolina.

Thank you Aceminty I have a B&W photo of the green as it was being filled in and grassed. Your excellent comment might make me post it...... one day. :-)

Post some pictures soon.

Many thanks



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