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David Brown Photography (formally Jethrohoyt). A lifetime Yorkshire-American photographer who owned his first SLR over 40 years ago. Now having progressed to the digital age, Panoramio is the perfect vehicle for this world traveling Yorkshireman/American, multi-lingual (speaks English, American, Geordie, Yorksheer and Southern). I live in various places in North Carolina, and love kayaking, biking and hiking, laughing and thinking. Oh and photography and everything 'computer'. I have used a variety of cameras over my lifetime. Many older scanned images on Panoramio will have been taken using either a Praktika SLR, a Pentax MV SLR or later waterproof Pentax point and shoot and either negative or slide film. My first digital camera was a Sony P&S, followed by a CDHK hacked Canon S3 and then augmented by an Olympus waterproof. I now carry around a Nikon D5100 with a brace of lenses plus a tripod that I NEVER use, and I do my best to try to look like I know what I am doing! Software I use? Picasa, Luminance (formally QTPFSGUI), Photomatix, Gimp for when all else fails and Lightroom 5.3. I enjoy laughter and mean nobody any harm, laugh with me, laugh at me. Its all good. Jethrohoyt became my unique web persona after I realized there were more David Browns out there than there are Chinese people in the world. You can call me David or Jethro. People have called me worse. I can be contacted at jethrohoyt via AOL.

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Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch und Ihre Meinung. ♡

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Gyöngyi Ungarn

♥ ✰ &

I am mortified to hear that Jeff and I appreciate the confidence you demonstrate in telling us this as well as the promise of fair weather.

Stay strong ol' buddy


So I am at my local lake where I am a regular and all the resident birds now know me. A couple are leaning on a fence and taking photographs of a Great Blue Heron with their cell phone held mysteriously high above their heads (why DO people do that?) and talking about the Crane in front of them. I pointed out to them, in as helpful way as I could that it was, in fact, a Great Blue Heron. They looked me up and down and proudly announced that it WAS a whooping crane and turned away, disgusted at my ignorant stupidity and left it at that.

There are only 153 pairs of whooping cranes breeding in America or about 400 adults in all and none at my local lake! So.... it only goes to show.

I am now reunited with my Blandford Colour Series, Birds in Colour and concur with Kenny its probably a long eared owl. :-)

Keep smiling Gordon ol' chum.


Thanks very much George. Best wishes - Jim

Looks shut! I bet there's quite a bit of crumble and decline around those parts.

So sad.

That is just unreal isn't it. He looks like a kid in a candy store!!!

This is a wonderful shot and a story into the bargain. Love it!


Thank you Gordon ol' chum. Sadly I have stopped drinking!!! 100% TT. So when we got to the tasting room, I had my conviction tested..... 10 times over.

See you out there.



Interesting, LIKE! Greetings from Genoa, planet Earth


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