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ces israéliens, toujours remplis de haine, c'est incroyable ! =)
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superbe photo, malheureusement toujours d'actualité !
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amitié des Pyrénées

Palestinians should move to iran, where they can live like the slaves they are. i pray every night that isreal nukes them all,once and for all, why treat them so nice? i mean,they act like animals,the only aid they get is from iran who uses them as animal fodder, nuke them and nuke iran,kill em all let god sort it out.

how come they are not in school,no wonder they grow up to be stupid

i pray every night that gaza gets nuked

isreal spends its money on jobs and defense, u spend ur money on hate! although i must admit that i respect your ability to build tunnels, train yourselves for living like the brown rats you are. just stupid tools for iran.

reap what u sow,u like killing jews,and the jews kill u,nice!

The result of Hammas using civil population as a shild while shooting iIsraely children to kill them.

My understanding is that the West Bank, as a part of the British Mandate, was already occupied by a non-mandate authority, so in 1967 that part of the previous British Mandate territory was subsumed back under the jurisdiction of one of the mandate successor authorities i.e. Israel. The 1949 armistice line was not agreed between the two mandate successor authorities [i.e. by Israel on the one hand and by the Arab successor state's government {which unfortunately never came into being because of having been occupied by Trans-Jordan)]. Descendents and residents of either territory of the mandate are therefore entitled to live anywhere within the territory of the British Mandate, entirely LEGALLY.Israelis living in the Golan have a much bigger difficulty in justifying their residence. By the by, A UN resolution does not create international law, it is entirely aspirational and is more of a pre-treaty entreaty on the parties.

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