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Mmmm. Dont get nervous "MR. SETTLER" (I'm not the one who's occupying a stolen land): 1 & 2-So you are simply saying that you dont give a f*ck about what the UN says about Western Sahara or Ceuta y Melilla. Nice democratic attitude, yep. I suggest you to make a campaign to get Morocco out of the UN, as it did on the African Union. Please, see the list of non autonomous territories of the UN. As Morocco had IGNORED MORE THAN 100 UN RESOLUTIONS (Wow! I think only Israel wins Morocco in violating international laws), I dont know why it's still there. You say that Arab league & Islamic world congress recognizes the occupation of Ceuta & Melilla, but the rest of international organizations don't. Why you accept that but dont accept the occupation of Western Sahara?. Occupation of W.S. is recognized by the UN, the AU, the Non-Aligned Movement... Talking about power of the money...yep, you should now well how to pay poor countries to change their foreign politics (Equatorial Guinea, Perú, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar,etc...). Ah, also for your interest, according to International Law (Montevideo conference) "the recognition of a state is unconditional and irrevocable". It's not me who says that, but the law. Your supposed rejections are only freezing of relations. 3-Yep, you hate fanatism, but look how many Moroccans are related to AQMI, and tell me how many Sahrawis are (please, dont try to make me laugh with the story of Malian citizen Omar "Sahraoui"). Also, I hope Christians could be the same as Muslims or Jewish as you had said, but I dont think so seeing the expulsions of christians (yea, I know, you're going to tell me about proselitism and all that, poor excuse and sooo un-democratic). I hope also that you aint proud of the Israeli technical & military aid on the "Wall of Shame" (uops! another coincidence with Israeli occupation)-longest mined strip in the world-. 4-Come on, do I have to remember all the stones that Morocco had put on the way in all this years to avoid a census for the referendum??. As I said before, what's the number of Sahrawis nowadays in W.S.?. I dont know and you dont know too, because the number given by Morocco (near 400.000) includes all the MOROCCAN SETTLERS and perhaps the military (more than 100.000 soldiers). 5-Believe me or not, I dont hate Morocco. The day the last Moroccan soldier leave Western Sahara, I would be the first in supporting Morocco in it's way to democracy. Regards and Freedom for Western Sahara now!


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