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I live in a tropical Island Paradise...GUAM, Where America's Day Begins. It is awe-inspiring to view millions of beautiful photos from around our planet Earth by hundreds of thousands of professional photographers, photo journalists, photography enthusiasts, and amateurs (like me), as well. It's a humbling experience to be in the company of these fine folks, who motivate, educate and enhance my drive to be a better photographer. What's especially pleasing is when I view my photos via my media and discover minute details I was not aware was there when I 'captured that shot'. Since posting on this site over 6 years ago, my photos have been used (by permission) in textbooks, travel and other online sites, school projects, and even war memorabilia - who knew... I hope you enjoy my photos.

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A Guam Rainbow shows its hospitality as it salutes the T-Birds Pilots & their awesome machines at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.

NOTE: As an amateur photography hobbyist, these awesome machines were moving so fast, I had trouble taking clear pics, even w/digital..sigh*

Thanks Panza Verde..Appreciate your comment. If you get a chance, come to Guam & see what Beauty truly is. Guam is Paradise!!!

Hafa Adai Str8 Nemesis: Ahahaha.. Stories abound as Guam is a very ancient island, carbon dated by archeologist to be thousands of years old. So, of course stories, legends, folklore, and everything in between made for a rich culture. Andersen AFB & Naval Station, Guam were really heavity tied in to these legends because of their landscape & topography. Thank you for your memories & for commenting on my photo. It's great to "meet" old friends from the past.

Thanks again Tomas! I am pleased that you like this one. It is a beautiful little park in the middle of my city that I go to often.

In Guam, we have villages instead of cities - and this float is from my village, Santa Rita nestled between mountain, hills, valleys & rivers. If a plant flowers in Guam, it will flower year 'round because we have only two seasons - rainy & dry (lol) so everything is tropical. Thanks for the nice comments. Fita

Thank you so much. When I was younger, I took our sunrises & sunsets for granted - never even noticed them. When I started having digital cameras that give you instant results then upload on PCs, photos really gave me a brand new appreciation for what nature "gifts" to us. Come visit Guam...

Very different and lovely reflections.

Interesting tree and interesting culture! I can see the face in this one too.

Even in the photo, you can probably measure the distance between each plane.

Thank you for the nice comments, Guy. We have a huge host of shipwrecks around the island, so it makes for great homes for our abundant sealife & rare corals and is a thrill for scuba divers, as well. A very rich galleon was discovered at the southern tip of Guam over 15+ ago which yielded millions. We thank your uncle for serving during the war - he may have been one of the liberators of Guam when the Japanese occupied Guam. I've taken over 15,000 pictures but only post pics of those w/possibility of being posted on GoogleEarth and only those that appeal to me at the time. Your pics are really beutiful too - obviously, in our very small world, we appreciate beauty & the interesting.


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