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I live in a tropical Island Paradise...GUAM, Where America's Day Begins. It is awe-inspiring to view millions of beautiful photos from around our planet Earth by hundreds of thousands of professional photographers, photo journalists, photography enthusiasts, and amateurs (like me), as well. It's a humbling experience to be in the company of these fine folks, who motivate, educate and enhance my drive to be a better photographer. What's especially pleasing is when I view my photos via my media and discover minute details I was not aware was there when I 'captured that shot'. Since posting on this site over 6 years ago, my photos have been used (by permission) in textbooks, travel and other online sites, school projects, and even war memorabilia - who knew... I hope you enjoy my photos.

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Thank you so much. When I was younger, I took our sunrises & sunsets for granted - never even noticed them. When I started having digital cameras that give you instant results then upload on PCs, photos really gave me a brand new appreciation for what nature "gifts" to us. Come visit Guam...

Very different and lovely reflections.

Interesting tree and interesting culture! I can see the face in this one too.

Even in the photo, you can probably measure the distance between each plane.

Thank you for the nice comments, Guy. We have a huge host of shipwrecks around the island, so it makes for great homes for our abundant sealife & rare corals and is a thrill for scuba divers, as well. A very rich galleon was discovered at the southern tip of Guam over 15+ ago which yielded millions. We thank your uncle for serving during the war - he may have been one of the liberators of Guam when the Japanese occupied Guam. I've taken over 15,000 pictures but only post pics of those w/possibility of being posted on GoogleEarth and only those that appeal to me at the time. Your pics are really beutiful too - obviously, in our very small world, we appreciate beauty & the interesting.

Yeah but Guam didn't really want "them Yankees to go home" because we were honored they chose Guam to visit and play with. But for the NY Yankees to come to Guam now, during this day and age, will put Guam on the sports map, more than the Japan Yamuori Giants did when they had spring training here several times :0)

Camel Rock, backed by Chamorro legend and proudly sits guarding this WWII-War in the Pacific Memorial Park in Asan. This park boast of breezy resting areas with hundreds of coconut trees lining the seashore, monuments of people & events, concrete barbeque facilities, concrete picnic tables/seats, & sidewalks the completely goes around the park area. This is also the site for Annual Easter Egg Hunts, Annual Make-A-Wish Kite Shows, etc.

I agree it's always a marvelous show. I could take it everyday without ever getting bored, I think.

Greetings from France, pom'

In July 1994, culminating the WWII - 50th Anniversary, this War in the Pacific memorial, honoring Guam fatalities, as well as those who survived was unveiled. In 2007, 34 of the 99 bronze plates were pried loose, stolen & sold as scrap at a scrap metal company. The scrap metal company sent the bronze plate off-island to Asia even as it saw hundreds of people's names on the plates. The Island of Guam community were shocked, then anger set in. The perpetrator (a Micronesian man) was prosecuted and sentenced to prison but got off so light, it's not even funny.


These antennas look like "ground feelers" that just grew out of the hills & valleys. No wonder just about everyone, including children on Guam are so communication savvy. Pic taken by my friend's house. If you look carefully in the distance background, you can see many more antennas. NOTE: Notice the salt spray in the background provided by the heavy wave activity generated by very active Pacific jetstream, as reported by the NWS.


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