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When you walk through these lonely paths in the vastness of Patagonia, these families of poplars are the only indicators that one has to know where the locals live, especially in autumn, with the golden color of its leaves!!! Thanks Zyko, your visit is always very welcome!!!

Friendly greetings, Toto

Hola Catalino!!! Es increíble como una fotografía puede transmitir tantas sensaciones, cada uno de los que la han visto han sentido una parte de lo que sentí Yo en ese momento!!! La verdad que estoy feliz de poder compartirlo!!! Muchas gracias por tus bellas palabras!!!!

Un saludo grande, Toto

Hi Ange and Conny!!! The large thunderstorms are frequent and dangerous in this area of ​​deserts with low scrub, the lightnings fall one after another and the rains are torrential, often with hail!!! The only advantage is that they vanish as quickly as they arrive!!! Then a tense calm pervades everything... only hear the thunder increasingly distant... and the sound of water mixed with mud and rocks down through the canyons from the higher areas!!! A fantastic show, half terrifying, half beautiful!!! Thank you very much for you visits and Like!!!

Friendly greetings for both from Patagonia Argentina, Toto

Hi dear Ange, spring begins here on September 21, at that time the valley formed by the rivers Limay, Neuquen and Negro is tinged with pink and white because all fruit trees are in bloom... then the bees start to make your sweet work!!! Thanks my friend for your always kind visit and LIKE!!!

Friendly greetings from Patagonia Aregntina, Toto

Hi AcheG, welcome!!! I am very happy that you have enjoyed these landscape in the Lanin National Park. Located in southwestern Neuquen Province, its area covers more than 400,000 hectares sheltering a very important part of the Andean/Patagonian Wood. At this Park you can enjoy species like Pellín Oak, the Pehuén and the Raulí. And best of all, all this beauty is surrounded by a breathtaking mountain landscape as well as twenty-four lakes of Glacial origins. Its name derives from the Lanin Volcano (photo), a 3,776 meters high peak that has eternal snows and dominates this Park’s landscapes from any of its angles. The dominant species in the north part of this park is the Pehuén or Araucaria, the Mapuches’ Sacred Tree. This conifer may reach 45 meters and its top resembles a sun umbrella. In the densest parts of the wood there is the Pudú, a small deer with its body perfectly adapted to this environment. It is one of the endangered species protected within this Park. The other one is a kind of mink called Huillín. Thank you very much for you beautifu comment, friendly visit and Like!!!

Amitiés from Patagonia Argentina, Toto

I'm glad you like the old dock, you can see that the wood that was built was very noble!!! Thank you very much Sebastien for you visit and kind words!!!

Best regards, Toto

Hi Kostadinos!!! It is a pleasure to share with you this beautiful image of the arm Rincón of the Nahuel Huapi lake!!! This is a glacial lake located along the eastern slope of Southern Andean Range with a maximum length of 67 km and a maximum width of 10 km. The lake resembles in its shape "a gigantic amoeba with enormous tentacles extending in all directions to form a number of arms or fjords. It is also encircled by many smaller lakes. Mountains fringe almost all its coastline; there is a succession of bays and coves, shingle and sandy beaches, perpendicular rocky cliffs, steep promontories, and wooded isthmuses and peninsulas. The lake offers one of the nicest landscapes in South America, and has been included since 1909 in Nahuel Huapi National Park, the largest of Argentine national parks (785,000 ha). The international city of San Carlos de Bariloche, growing up very fast on the southeastern margin of the lake, attracts every year lots of tourists with pleasant summer weather and winter sports. Thank you very much for your visit, comment so nice and Like!!!

Friendly greetings to you in Greece from a distant Patagonia Argentina, Toto

Gives me joy to know who you like these reflexes Barbaros, thank you very much for visit and kind words!!!

Best regards from Patagonia Argentina, Toto

I'm glad you enjoyed the antics of the pilot Sebastien!!! Thanks for passing by and your compliment, also for the Like!!!

Friendly greetings from Patagonia Aregntina, Toto

Hi Bruno!!! Epulafquén Lake is a lake in Neuquén Province, Patagonian Argentina. This glacial lake is located in the Andean mountains in Lanín National Park. Hydrologically it forms one lake together with Huechulafquen Lake and is then considered an arm of it. It is separated from Huechulafquen Lake by a small channel formed due to the emergence of a small volcanic cone during the Holocene. One if the lake's most prominent features is a large delta-formed lava flow from Achen Ñiyeu volcano on its southern shore, It is what we see in the image!!! Thank you very much for you visit and kind comment, thanks also for the LIKE!!!

Friendly greetings from Patagonia Argentina, Toto Friendly greetings, Toto



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