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Like to travel the world and take photos of the things (principally buildings) that I see around me. My photos are not necessarily beautiful or even particularly skilful but I hope that they are descriptive.
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This is Port of Lyttelton, not Christchurch, Port of Christchurch is the registered business name of the Lyttelton Port Company, and therefor refers to a company not a place.

Hace ya mucho tiempo que escuche de Adelaide , y me llamo mucho la atención, he visto algunas peliculas , en las que muestran algunos paisajes de esta zona, y me han parecido preciosos. Ahora que mis primas viven allí, de pronto sueño con ir, claro;ellas viven en SIDNEY.

Mi hijo Gerson Sandoval Zambrano viajó a Brisbane el día 7 pasado parainiciar su Doctorado como Ingeniero Civil Metalúrgico, durante 4 años. En el año 2006-2007 realizó allí su tesis. Estudió en la universidad de Concepción-Chile. Yo, su padre, vivo en la ciudad de Angol-Chile-Región de la Araucanía, junto a la Cordillera de Nahuelbuta-Malleco-Chile. Enviaré fotos.

Hi N.J. You're so right! it seems 'poor' Scotland is getting the short end of the stick AGAIN!, we should be used to it by now, but I guess it stings sometimes. Personally, i don't care about them, I get on with my own life-DESPITE THEM!

Thanks for shifting it, i don't think it makes a halpeth of difference to anyone but the tourists! I'd like to make it my mission in life to boot the folk at Google into getting their act together, looking at ARROCHAR the other day, Wickepedia patch about the town was halfway up the steep lochside forest slope behind the village! I do find it rather annoying, we have so much clever technology, but naebody seems to use it the right way!!

Hev a gud week, Mike frae GEORDIELAND!!

When I was there the outside was covered in scarlet betal juice stains to a height of over a meter :-((

Thank you very much for your kind comments. I hope to add to the gallery in the future.

Best place to to relax your mind

Fantastic shot!

Greetings cbjo

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