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Hello from the mountains of North Carolina, USA. ----------- My other Panoramio accounts: jean~ge - user/2965850 + jgevans user/1131288 + ~jean~ user/3125653 ----------- If you wish to use one of my photos, please send me a private message. I hold the copyright to my photos.

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Juani, thank you much for your greetings and kind visit to my gallery. Best regards to Spain, David.

Nice shot...inside a drain/culvert I

Martin Cuchi Miglian… thanks part of my world. steve

Joy, thank you. Always nice to laze and linger as things are looking up!

David, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them too.

Carlos, Thank you for your wonderfully kind words and compliments.

I'm a little over a year late in replying, GG, but a population of exotic parakeets would not be a good thing. There is a species of Pstittacid, the Monk Parakeet, that has established a population through the Midwest and New Englad. They've caused quite a bit of destruction to the powerlines because of their nesting habits. The people there are doing their best to eliminate them from the area. Also, in New Zealand, there's a species of parrot called the Kea, that is also destructive, mainly do to their habit of stealing rubber and stripping things off of houses. I'm sure it would be nice to see these parrots at the feeders, just destructive in other ways.

Hope you're doing well, we haven't seen any of your photos for too long.

Warmest wishes from GA,

Liam ;)

Very thanks you, CidonioRinaldi, Saudações de İstanbul...

That's right, Michael, Only two weeks, and then they're gone again for another year! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the shot, and thank you for visiting. :)

Rodrigo, Your generous words are so greatly appreciated. I am very flattered, and most certainly pleased that you have enjoyed my work. My sincere thanks to you, and best wishes for a wonderful week ahead. :)

Jean, How kind of you to drop by! Thank you for enjoying these rare beauties. I, too, hope that you will run across some in real life. They are a true pleasure! Again, thank you for visiting. I hope this evening finds you very well. :)

All the best from Georgia, ( USA )

Mary Alice

Greetings, Rodrigo and Mojtaba. Thank you both for enjoying these pretty peachtrees in bloom. It is a wonderful time of year, no doubt. I appreciate your kind words, and wish you both a great week ahead.

Best regards from the USA,

Mary Alice



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