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Yes, a 'magic circle' Carsten, or better many of them!

Thanks Majlend! Maybe it will happen once again. See who's first :))

Cheers! Erik

Hi Erik, yes I do. And as you can see I followed the circle and wood theme.



Thanks Majlend, Carsten! Macro shots with a compact are always a bit awkward, but this one came out perfectly well.

Cheers, Erik

Thanks. I'm glad to be on board though I don't have the imagination of most of you. Maybe I can learn!


Hello Xenia :) I wholly agree with you! The photo chain indeed lets you rethink your images and can even reveal new or formerly hidden meanings, when put in the 'context' (of the chain). It was meant as a trigger for the creative process and as a means to use your (old) photos again, otherwise than sharing alone.

Of course great deal of the fun is how others reacts on your pictures or those of others. I think we should organize a real exhibition...;-)

Greetings, Erik

Hi Carsten, this is a good follow up to the picture of Majlend! I couldn't resist ang give my too much neglected water tap a second chance on Panoramio :) In fact I took the front of your bath where the water comes out. Now we have water coming down. Will there be more water?

I understand why you gave the explicit information on the relationship and why you choose for that specific picture. I would like to add to this (also for the others users) that photography is a visual medium and that the connections I had in mind when starting the chain all should be visual ones and not textual ones, like title connections. The extra thing with titling and commenting though is that we can make it into a story, and that's a nice add. There are many possible connections, and some are not used that much, as e.g. take a small part out of a shot and let it come back bigger in the next one. Let's see what the next posters come up with...



Hallo Sonny, vielen Dank. Mir ist kei Rahmen eingefallen. Ich setze eigentlich immer einen. Meistens jedenfalls. Gerade bei den s/w Bildern, da ich auch weißen Himmel verwende. Ich finde manchmal diese fast ins surreale gehenden Himmel zu viel. (immer volles Programm auf den Rotkanal)



Thank you both, John, Carsten, for commenting this and others that I maybe have forgotten to thank you for!

You saw that this one is the zoomed out version of the picture I posted on my own account. I also try not to use the same shots, here and there, but can't avoid it always, because my collection of 'good' shots is not endless. I think we all want to keep the level as high as possible.

Carsten, I see that you are very interested and always try to comment or give a note. The same as for John counts for you. Thanks for that!

Carsten, the photo chain is a living thing and you can not force it to head in your own direction (although I sometimes try I agree, but that's all in the game). Some connections are very obvious and some are 'a bit forced', but the unexpected (creative) twists and turns you gave, are a lot of fun.

We keep working on the 'chain gang' :-)

Greetings, Erik

I don't remember what part of the prison this actual place is, they told us, but I forgot... Thanks all for your comments!



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