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Snapshot photographer from the neighbourhoods of Stockholm in Sweden. Occasionally let out for excursions together with family in other's neighbourhoods, and fully enjoying it!

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Yes Dave, Around 30 metres below this point. If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have taken that swim. It was around 9 degrees Celsius, no wonder it did hurt! It's Worth an even bigger gold medal, isn't it?


Hi Dave, great that you will join our FOG group. I have sent an invite via my Herb2 account or you can follow this link and request to join independently. Look forward to seeing you and your great pictures in there.

Cheers, Herb

Hello Mohamed,

I'm not quite sure, but the Peace bridge is shown on the sattelite picture as completely strait, and to my knowledge there has not been a steel bridge crossing the canal during the most recent four decades. Are you sure this photo is named and mapped on the right spot?

Kind regards

Thank you SUR-walks for the explanation! I will keep the captions showing my former ignorance, for others to enjoy. :-) It was a delight to drive on this well designed motorway, like all the others I'm aware of in Southern Spain. At the time we drove we had the road almost for ourselves and even me as driver could enjoy the surroundings and beautiful views all the way down to Gibraltar, and back. The reason I took this series of the pay stations is actually because of the excitement of something we don't have on our old state roads where I come from.


only (normal) cars

Many thanks...'Richard'...for taking a look here...and for the the picture... Greetings from Dj..UK.....

Carl......Many thanks for that bumper issue of information...and the associated links...which I took a look at.....The messenger of spring is a nice term to describe the arriving flocks of Cranes....and to read that regular counting sessions are carried amazing......Thanks again....Cheers from...Dave UK.

Many thanks for taking a look here...and your compliment....'Vicente'.....all the best from Dj...UK.

Gotcha'....thanks Kenny......Aah yes.. 'hoods'.. and 'trunks' for the boot and of course 'cubic inches' for them thar' monster engines of which I think the 7 litre jobs were around 427ci....massive indeed but of days now gone..../....Keep good.....and Cheers from Dj.



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