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我於1995年8月15號出生在臺灣彰化。 就讀一所位於日月潭旁的大學,大一新鮮人。 --- 攝影,是一個浩瀚的領域,或許有些人會執著在裝備的追求或技術的冶煉,然而這些對我來說,只是過程。 相機是攝影家的畫筆,是一個工具,他所紀錄的是那偉大流程中的一小部份,要讓這部份看起來純真、唯美,要看的就是攝影者的思維與態度。 技術的學習當然是個必經之路,但在學習技術的同時,是否覺得自己的照片不夠出眾? 那是因為技術可以有一定的格式,太執著於它,將會忘記揮灑創意與將自身意念灌注到構圖裡。 對我而言,構圖沒有一定的格式,攝影的時候,用的是另一雙眼睛,讓你體會與觀察到週遭細微的美感與創造非比尋常的組合。 這,可以說是攝影師之眼,也可以說,你用的是你的心。 臺灣資深且知名的攝影家柯錫杰說過: "如果用眼睛看是一種框,那麼用心體會即是一種寬。" 這句話看似易懂,但其所蘊藏的真意與哲學性,頗發人深省。 常常有攝影人在拍照時,汲汲營營會了搶拍一個畫面,其實我覺得沒必要這樣,拍攝是一種心靈的體悟並非作品的追求,拍好了也好、拍不滿意也好,在這過程中你所學到的東西,才是最重要的。 一位資深攝影家,也是我先前在Panoramio上認識的,王明仁先生,從他的經驗,我學到了些刻骨銘心的拍攝真諦。 "不用緊張地去追尋成就,放輕鬆點、勤奮踏實,久了您自然會發現您的成就。" 紀錄對我來說不只是紀錄,將創作意念發揮到作品裡,讓它們具有更高的價值,才是我所追求的。 當代視覺藝術創作人紀國章云: "攝影,不只是影像的複製,我們要捕捉瞬間最真實的感動,讓它永永遠遠地傳承下去。" 臺灣山岳攝影奇人,陳炳元先生,秉持他獨樹一格的攝影理念,說了以下幾句話: 「攝影家要有十年磨一劍的精神,抱著玩攝影的態度,將導致攝影淺薄化。 」 「創作中不能養成輕易原諒自己的習慣,否則會招致更大的挫折。」 「我力求百發百中,每有失誤,總有不可寬恕的罪惡感。」 「我感覺自己置身浩瀚宇宙,敢於用快門讓時間暫停。」 「我的工作同時也是在創造一個足以向自己交待的人生故事。」 以生命來創作的他,到了這個境界,言語已不能表達我對他的欽佩。 願你我在這個領域都有所進步,發現攝影的真諦與真價值。 影像,從心。 謹此,我與各位同好共勉之,林傑安(Enson)敬上。 --- I'm an university student living in the central part of Taiwan. Photography is a vast field,maybe some people would be attached to the pursuing of equipment or the practicing of skills. However,to me,they're all processes. Camera is the painting tool of photographers,it's just a tool,all it could record is only a small part of the great procedures. To make this part pure,wonderful,that depends on the thoughts and attitude of the photographer. The learning of skills is indeed a necessary way to pass,but while learning the techniques,as if you thought your photos were not outstanding enough? That's because techniques could have a certainly form. To persist too much in it,you would forget using your innovativeness and putting consciousnesses into composition. To me,there's no specific format of composition,when photographing,you use another pair of eyes which let you experience and detect the tiny beauty in the surrounds and create extraordinary composition. That could be the photographer's eyes,in other words,you use your heart.

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Dear Panoramio friends, all over the world during a number of years we were a family sharing friendship and so many pictures showing the world of each other. Now at the end I thank you all for that fortune ! - But there is a (smaller) new world developing with the participation of many Ex-Panoramios at Ipernity - Come and see ! - Friendly greetings, Cornelia

Very beautiful picture! L+F.*

Thank you for sharing many years , with everyone of us, so many feelings and emotions. I loved the whole community. How can you get in a small cell computer a whole world of memories and emotions which are contained in the conversation of each photo, where we were all as one and one was the all community ?

I am from November 2008 and I thought Panoramio will be eternal. My best regards to you, dear friend , you are one of my favorite photographers and I wish you all the best in world.


Thank you very much for all the time spent in my gallery, for all the comments! Thank you for your beautiful pictures, which, thanks to Panoramio I discovered!

I am very sorry that Panoramio ends its operations.

I would like to once again leave my comment under your photo, unfortunately under only one (lack of time)!

Thank you again and I wish you all the best !!

Greetings from Poland, Marek Stanek


Thanks a lot for your words and LIKE, bob supervariety. Nice to meet you.

Thanks for your awards L&F, Hans. Hi, Majka44. Thanks for your comment and LIKE. Muito obrigado for your words and LIKE, dear ganzilotomich.

Grazie amici Pamoramici che x otto anni ho condiviso con tutti voi la splendida esperienza di postare e commentare foto. Grazie ancora e spero che ci troveremo in qualche altro sito.

Per ora alcune foto sono Flickr

To all my Panofriends,

thank you so much for your many visits, comments and compliments! I am on my new account on ipernity and rarely on my old account on [flickr!( I hope to meet you again and wish you all best for the future,


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