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View into the volcano crater of Ettringen (Bellerberg-Vulkan)

Near the village of Galatas there is a little hill where a few mycenean tombs have been excavated. In one of them it is said that there was the hero Theseus. Other important mycenean excavations can be found at Methana.

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The excavations at ancient Trizin are nearly unknown and only a few tourists visit them. At the excavation area you will find the sanctuary of Asclepios and Hippolytos and also the old Metropolis church.

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The odeon at the ancient town of Messene near Kalamata in Greece. A grat place to visit!


The ancient acropolis of Methan can be visited near the fishing village of Vathy. (about 340-600 B.C.).

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One of the most hospital people of Methana - the friendly shepard Georgios Dimitriou. You will meet him when walking in Methanas mountains...

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The ancient sanctuary of Zeus hellanios at the Oros mountain on Egina island.

A prehistoric (???) stonehead from Methana that has been discovered by Dr.Lorenz Hurni & Tobias Schorr on Methana in 1996. It is now in the museum of Poros.

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In 1990 a prehistoric sanctuary was discovered at Methana from mycenean times about 1200-1500 B.C. There was also a building found that could have been a mycenean megaron. Some of the many items can be visited at the archaeological museums of Piraeus and on Poros island.

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The center of the historic volcano of Methana is worth a sightseeing tour to this peninsula!

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