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Üdvözlök mindenkit! Egy vasútmániás fiatalember vagyok, ezen kívül az országhatárok, és a határokon készített fotók érdekelnek igazán, itt is f?ként azokat keresem, és nézem.

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Madym- look at the map, or ask for Niederkirchner Strasse, or Bernauer Strasse, or Check Point Charlie when you are in Berlin. If you are in Thüringen or Hessen, ask for Mödlareuth (near Hof), or Point Alpha (Near Geisa, east of Fulda), or Schiffersgrund near Bad Sooden Allendorf (south of Göttingen), or Teistungen (near Duderstadt, southeast of Göttingen); there are still existing border instaltions like living museums. There are still more of theese existing borderpoints along the former borderline, but I dont now them all.

You can find this track near Újszeged (diverges from the Újszeged-Békéscsaba railway line), and used do lead in Temesvár (with simple V), today this railway line dosen't exist continuously, perhaps there are some stages in the two other countries.

There might be a border correction in 1923, because after Trianon these borders crossed Kübekáza, so three parts of this village belonged to three countries.

Yes, I was there, at the Hegyeshalom-Nickelsdorf crossing point by bus, and at the Sopron-Mattersburg crossing point as well, by train. I have no pictures abut this.

Lot of tourists visit the monument, but rounding it is forbidden. Look, it's Eastern Europe... Romania is in the EU, but not member of the Schengenian Area. And Serbia is not a EU member. So it's a clear situation. Anyway, when I was there,the Romanian, and also the Serbain border guards were there. The watch tower is in Serbia.

The tower is in Serbia. Lot of people crosses the HUN-SRB border to climb that. Of course illegally... Almost on the left side of the picture you can see the Triplex monument.

Yes, but it crosses the border just here.

It's not a railway phone line, but a pulling cable. The Hungarian signalman can set the mechanic control signer and the points, whiches are in Romania. Incredible situation... You can see the border mark at the right side of the picture.

Yes, that's right.

Thank you! Looks like a little party place.

Úgyis jársz még erre, legfeljebb beütemezel egy kis túrát.

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