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Üdvözlök mindenkit! Egy vasútmániás fiatalember vagyok, ezen kívül az országhatárok, és a határokon készített fotók érdekelnek igazán, itt is f?ként azokat keresem, és nézem.
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Once this border was the outer border of Soviet Empire (Warshaw Pakt), In Szeged was a huge Soviet Army Unit. And this border was vigilated just like the Inner German border. Thank you very much for sharing theese pictures.

This border was drawn after WW 1, about 1918, the stone put there 1923. And the tripoint constructed about the same time. Before that Kübekhaza, Beba Veche and Raba all together where part of the Austro Hungarian Empire. Next to this 3 point was the Ujszeged - Temeswar Railway crossing the now tree countries. Next railwaystation of this point was in Banatsko Arandelowo. Like very much your fotos of this point.

I am shure there would be no problem roundig the Triplex Monument, Its international territory the inmediate surroundings of the monument. I am sure that its visited frecuently by tourists. Of which country is the watchtower next of the point?

On which side is the watchtower?

:-) L 66

freundlichst Klaus

have you been to the austrian hungarian border?

in the 90's it was terrible. if you didn't give bribe you couldn't cross the border.

many eu commissioners have said that they don't want to see romania and bulgaria in schengen. i don't know why but i think it has to do with the gypsies.

Yes, as you say. I have a strategy against them, I wrote this at an other picture yet: Pretend as an idiot, and they live me be.

hahahaha. in near future maybe cows will obtain passports in order to cross the border.


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