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Üdvözlök mindenkit! Egy vasútmániás fiatalember vagyok, ezen kívül az országhatárok, és a határokon készített fotók érdekelnek igazán, itt is f?ként azokat keresem, és nézem.
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hahahaha. in near future maybe cows will obtain passports in order to cross the border.

Most folynak éppen a felújítás utolsó simításai, Laci... Üdv : Lajos

who knows, maybe romania and hungary will each take a piece of ucraine.

now when ucraine is about to collaps hungary and romania have a good opportunity to take a piece of ucraine.

no one and nothing can cross the border to israel on the field. it doesn't matter if it is a rat, cat or a human being.

well, i took photos with my iphone. and yes, israeli soldiers first shoots you and then they ask you what you are looking for. the border control is very severe, like in the 80's in ex communist countries. there is mine field and electric border fence. not even a cat can cross the border to israel.

yes. it is strange with border fence in western europe and schengen area. as i mentioned the border fence is to prevent cows from crossing the border. so the conclusion is that the iron curtain stil exists for cows.

Today it doesn't work, due to the EU membership of the two countries. I also have bad memories, specially at the Biharkeresztes-Episcopia Bihor (Biahrpüspöki in hungarian), from the romanian side: This is the railway border crossing point close to the Ártánd-Bors crosing point. Border guards and soldiers next to the train with gun in their hands, on the train the customs also wanted bribe. It was in 2000, I was 20 years old. It was terrible.

Yes, that's correct. Used to be a hungarian fortress.

aha, i understand. what we see on the picture is the border strip. the border strip was in passed raked soil in order to see foot steps on it.


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