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საოცრებაა აბანოთუბანი,ჭრელი აბანო! მადლობა!

რა დიდებულია!!!

,,ცამდე ატყორცნილა თბილისს დედოფალი”...

Specific personalities can only be talking about when you go from the occupied territories. If you do not understand something, it's your problem. Why do you argue Ronald Reagan? He has a very clear definition of the concept of Russian statehood. I understand that you are irritated by my knowledge of English. I want to tell you that I too understand Russian, but I am not talking into this language, because I think that we need to escape from all Russian orbits - including the cultural field as well.

If I am talking about history of statehood, first Georgian state existed milennium before of first Russian tribes. If I am talking about 1918-1921, I am talking because we got it from First Russian empire with our bloods for forget it from second Russian empire with still our bloods. That`s why.

And what is on this page mine-be sure, I can decide it exactly from this Tbilisi, from this Georgia-which you are hates so much.

And if you do not like words of Reagan, here it is other: ,,Подведем итог. Московия была воспитана и выросла в ужасной и гнусной школе монгольского рабства. Она усилилась только благодаря тому, что стала virtuoso в искусстве рабства. Даже после своего освобождения Московия продолжала играть свою традиционную роль раба, ставшего господином. Впоследствии Петр Великий сочетал политическое искусство монгольского раба с гордыми стремлениями монгольского властелина, которому Чингисхан завещал осуществить свой план завоевания мира." Autor of these words is Karl Heinrich Marx-so adored from you, from Russians...

I don`t need your thanks...

A glistening glass tower, the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi rises high above the Mtkvari River, providing panoramic views of the beautiful capital city.


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