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I am a photographer living and working on the Big Island of Hawai`i. I primarily do aerial photography using a camera suspended from a kite line. I also do ground level photography using both film and digital cameras. If you like what you see, please feel free to visit my Flickr photostream. I post both aerials and ground photography there, as well as photos done in the studio.
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Sorry if i didn't understand your message very well and sorry if i answer with few heavy words, thanks a lot for your beatiful comment for this pic and greetings from Galiza: Marcosafon

Incredible pic, nice composition and contrast congratulations for this magnific pic, I want say to you that the pics that I show in "freedom feelings" of the forum represent freedom feelings for me, if you doesn't feel it when you see this pics it's your estimation(attitude)and i respect, i only can invite you for show in this chanel pics that give you freedom feelings, all people have himself attitude, for most people freedom feelings can be one pic of U.S.A.flag but not for me, and i respect his attitude and i can think contrary of that, sorry for my bad english and greetings from Galiza:


The rig I use most of the time has motorized pan and tilt axes that you control from an RC transmitter. The shutter is controlled the same way.

Some of the other people I know who do kite aerial photography also have a video downlink so they can see what the camera is pointed at. I don't use a video downlink, but after a while you get a feel for where the camera is pointing. So to some extent it's guesswork, but really it's just having a feel for it.

If you're interested in giving it a try, I can set you up with some URLs for suppliers and the KAP forums.

Glad you like it!


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