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I am a photographer living and working on the Big Island of Hawai`i. I primarily do aerial photography using a camera suspended from a kite line. I also do ground level photography using both film and digital cameras. If you like what you see, please feel free to visit my Flickr photostream. I post both aerials and ground photography there, as well as photos done in the studio.
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Very good photo. LIKE. Warm regards, palaemon

beautiful! and nicely done too

The scale is a lot smaller than that. The footprints are normal size, and the structure in the center is an old and very decrepit marine engine. It's a neat feature of this beach because at different seasons it's either completely visible, as it is here, or it's completely covered by sand.

Очень красиво!!!

I did this one with an A650, but I've tested the same kind of thing on an EOS 20D. It works just as well. Better, actually, because of the larger sensor. The only catch is the A650 does a decent job of metering IR, but the 20D won't. You have to manually dial it down.

But the exposure times are about the same. If I remember right, the shots that went into this were on the order of a second apiece. Any of the EOS cameras should do just as well. But as you pointed out, the exposure times really are long unless the camera is modified.

Thanks for pointing out that typo! Corrected.

Hi! Here we stand in 2009 also. Nice area to see the vulcan. Very nice foto.

Grettings from Germany Michael

Impresionante lugar.

Ah, very nice image of San Souci Beach. It has a fairly strong lateral current from bottom to top of the frame here, from the natatorium just below the frame edge (maybe that's why they built it in the first place?), also the beach is apparently the landing site for open-water swimming events - watch out (I didn't) or you may get in the way of someone who's been in the water for hours (I did).

Sorry for this outburst - a great picture of a very interesting place.

I think the German word for kite is "drachen". There are a number of people in Germany doing photography from kites. One of the most experienced is Credi:


Glad you like the pictures! Mauna Kea really is a nice area.


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