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I'm a self taught graphic artist. I originally started out many years ago as a traditional artist with painting, illustrating and making models from scractch. I built props and miniatures for a few years for low budget film companies and when computers began taking over the industry I knew it was time to learn the digital world... lol... I learned it the hard way to with no professional instruction. Surprised me even more when a few years later I was asked to teach Photoshop at two of our top Community Colleges here in Winnipeg. Because I love making models so much I eventually got into 3D and now have a huge collection of models available on Turbosquid under Visual Redemption which is also the name of my personal company for custom graphic design. I have created book cover art, and much of my work has been published in magazines and books. I have a fond interest in subjects like science fiction, Gothic horror, UFOs & the Paranormal all of which have profound influences on my work. Everyday I like to go for a run down the Waterfront Drive trail all the way to the Forks, it's great excercise. On weekends I like to either go for a bike ride all the way out to Assiniboine Park or a walk out to grant or polo Park to check out a movie, or just plain out for a walk, I find it's a good offset from being in front of a computer all day and I love being outside when it's nice out... and then there is the odd time I for no particular reason will just like to go for a walk in the rain. I love being outdoors, I'll often take my camera with me because you never know when you will see something that just begs to be photographed. I usually try to take abstract photos because I love seeing things from different perspectives. I enjoy nature very much. I love to swim but don't often get the chance. Walking, running and bike riding are 3 of my greatest passions next to my artwork. My firends say that I'm a Happy Go Lucky kinda guy... lol whatever that means, I just try not to sweat the small stuff and then it's all small stuff, Water off a Duck metality I guess ;) Of course some of those same friends think I'm a bit of a Whack Job because I'm interested in UFOs. I have a typical British sence of humor being born in Bristole England so it's pretty much in my blood. I love to cook and my favorite meal is my special home made Shepherds Pie that I make from scratch :P


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