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English Translation please

Last time I checked Flushing was still part of the US and english spoken by much of the population- not Chinese. Please translate.

Emilio- Thank you so much for capturing the photo of a few last remaining historic buildings of Flushing- the Voelker Orth House. This building is a reminder of the vast influence by immigrant Germans -by their architectual influences and important contributions to industry as well the social constructs and civic contributions to society at that time. That is all clearly all disappearing with the new oriental presence

This path doe not lie in Kissena Park but within the Kissena Corridor West. The corridor is not part of Kissena Park as it may seem.

I am uncertain what the photographer is suggesting here with Kissena Birds King. This is clearly a a local comorant or anhinga- a gorgeous waterfowl. However water fowl are few these days since Mayor Bloomberg Stormtroopers periodically capture and exterminate by gassing waterfowl for fear of interference with incoming LGA planes. Obviously behavior found to acceptable by the park using public.

PLease note that this is not so much a view of the Kissena Park Lake but rather of the historic MEMORIAL KNOLL. The large boulder mid center of the photo is a simple non-obtrusive 1920 tribute to the Armistice of the Great War. Amid the hundreds of Flushing-ites that gave their lives, one of those fallen was TRoosevelts son who contributed to the tree-lined Memorial Knoll to the right of this view.

Thank you for documenting and presenting our park. You take great photos of the Emerald Jewel here in Flushing, but please get the labels accurate. It is KISSENA PARK.

Not a Kissena Park buil;ding but rather the BOAT HOUSE, which is the site of the former ICE HOUSE. yes indeed the locals obtained ice for their iceboxes from this lake.

Indifference to public trees to the highest degree. Absent during construction is the full protection needed to preserve invaluable parkland trees. 2008.

You are observing vehicular impacts from a cut-across road resulting in the compaction of root occupied soils of large unprotected NYC trees on DPR parkland trees in 2007-08. Wooden tree barriers in the view do little to protect the most vital of tree organs- its roots. Some root remediation reported to have occurred.

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