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Чудовий краєвид!
○ ✰ YSL ♥ ○
Найкращі побажання,
Юрій з України

Чудовий краєвид!
○ ✰ YSL ♥ ○
Найкращі побажання,
Юрій з України

Love the colors, I can almost feel the motion of the water! Amazing shot

No, worries, Dave; I didn't think anything like that at all! Just simple questions and answers here, pal. :)

Gotcha'..... there ..Kevin.../... Yes - this (Hopefully) good news has re-kindled my enthusiasm for firing up the camera and getting some posted.
Plus... looking forward to continuing with natter and chats....with old friends of course........... All the best from... Dave..UK.

Those birds are tiny, but loud. We had some in Masaachusetts, and they were capable of being heard from a long distance. If one got going outside the bedroom window on a Saturday morning, we were done sleeping. I could sleep through other birds, but the Carolina wren provided no such mercy.

Regarding ND filters - I think I'm going to skip them, and just use 2-3 stops of HDR & tonemapping. But first, I'm in the market for a new tripod. My current tripod is fast deteriorating and was never very good to begin with. While I've read a few things that say skip everything between $150 and $800, I'm going in with a budget near $350, and looking for reccomendations. I will not be buying on-line. No matter what the reviews say, a tripod is sufficiently personal that I will want to mount the camera, set it up, take it down, fiddle with it, and get a feel before I'll drop cash. I can't do that on-line.

Tom, I can understand your love for the 12mm! Speaking of, you had a post in the Photography forum about ND grad filters for that lens. Have you done anything more with deciding on the density of a filter? I have some material I could share on that post if it would help?

Friendly greetings to you also, Nikos. Thanks you for your visit, comments and your "Like and Fav." Best wishes from America. Eric

Hi Randy - I manage New and Used coombs errington on Facebook - a group that is for sale of new and used items as well for community building. Was wondering if I could have your permission to use this photo on as the cover photo on that group? Thanks for your time - and beautiful image!

Fantastic place and shot. LIKE! Greetings, Darja.



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