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  • 1960: Turks and Greeks established "Republic of Cyprus"
  • 1963: Greeks expelled Turks from administration.
  • 1963: Greek Cypriots started applying ethnic cleansing to Turkish Cypriots.
  • 1963: United Nations Peace Force (UNFICYP) came island to protect Turkish Cypriots.

  • 1964: UN Secretary-General Report (10 September 1964, S/5950): 103 Turkish Cypriot villages in South Cyprus were destroyed by Greek Cypriots.

  • 1963-1974: UNFICYP did NOT succeed to protect Turkish Cypriots in a very small island in 11 years. GREEK CYPRUS destroyed all of the 103 TURKISH CYPRUS villages from 1963 to 1974 in South Cyprus. Greekofication of South Cyprus was completed.

  • 1974: Greeks tried to annex the Cyprus island to Greece.
  • 1974: Turkey gave lesson to all who needed.

  • Maraş is in TURKISH CYPRUS, and will be populated by Turkish Cypriots in 2010. Turkofication of North Cyprus will be completed soon as well.

  • Czekoslovakia = Czek + Slovakia

  • Serbia-Montenegro = Serbia + Montenegro (even the same race and religion!)

  • Cyprus = Turkish Cyprus + Greek Cyprus (Since 1963!)


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